Many people, and the wiki, have recommended Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISL) and Elements of Statistical Learning (ESL), with the latter being much more mathematically-rigorous. Both seem great at teaching the concepts and logic behind these models, but I am looking for a more practical book to pair with them.

So for example, how to derive insights from all sorts of data in business. Not as straightforward as Kaggle where they give you the exact data and what results they want, but more of an exploratory analysis where you don’t really know what to find.

Essentially, I would like a book that teaches the thinking and logic behind how to craft different strategies and algorithms from big data (e.g analyse our users behaviour) rather than one that defines what to do (cluster our user into different groups).

I’m not sure which would be best for my goals as there are so many options available. Please share your recommendations, thanks!

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