Edit: Just realized "How do I"-questions belong in r/learnpython :)


Hi Python community,

At my team we are currently making the switch from some old, proprietary ETL language so something a bit more modern. The team mainly does ad-hoc data reporting, where some data is read from one or more sources, transformed and then written to some target location, often excel files or csv files. This practice results in hundreds of scripts strewn around, which get executed every so often, ranging from manual execution, to daily, to annually.

I have used python extensively at University and personally, but of course, my programs have never had to hold up to "enterprise level". My questions are now:

How can the team efficiently maintain a plethora of individual scripts? Proposed solution: Package as much generic functionality (e.g., accessing specific sources) into company-wide packages/libraries which can be maintained without updating all scripts. How do I deal with package and python version updates? Build a new virtual environment for every single application, even if that application is just a single script.

It would be great if had some resources to help me out solving these problems. Thanks!

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