Space Girl Collection is a unique crypto project that stands out from similar projects because of its groundbreaking release plans and its determination to provide financial products for its community.

Set for a spectacular 2022, Space Girl Collection has some thrilling developments in store for its members.

"Our innovative solid release plans will transform the Web3 space and we are excited to see these projects come to fruition," says founder Sharjeel Khan.

"Our NFT project will provide incredible benefits to our holders. We will provide our community with various forms of entertainment in the form of video games, such as casinos, movie theaters, music concerts, jobs and a rich island life full of beautiful virtual real estate."

"You can join your family and friends in our custom-built movie theater system regardless of where you live or work," he says.

The Space Girl Collection will have two initial mints: 1,600 pieces of 2D characters and 8,000 3D characters. Their metaverse project will be available for beta testing for their 2D NFT holders. When 3D NFT mints, they will also receive free tokens and a free 3D NFT airdrop. All holders will also have access to their metaverse community events.

Each NFT is unique and will bring incredible utility to Space Girl Collection's holders. You can view the collection ahead of its release here.

In June, the project team will also have their pre-sale for the ERC-20 Space Girl coin SG Token. They are also developing their own Metaverse play to earn game called the City of Apollo, where players can utilize their tokens.

Another exciting project is Space Girl Music, a music arena with a green screen and recording studio in-house project. The profits will be used to create passive income for their NFT holders.

"We are actively building projects that will delight crypto and NFT enthusiasts alike," says Khan.

The hype surrounding Space Girl Collection has ramped up in recent weeks as numerous media outlets have begun reporting on their exciting projects, including the City of Apollo. Investors who hold SG tokens can enjoy this clever, play-to-earn game and have fun while earning money.

This year promises myriad crypto initiatives and Space Girl Collections' upcoming NFT collection, play-to-earn game and unique platform for music artists will put them front-and-centre of this exciting trend.

Khan expressed his gratitude to the people supporting their projects. He said that while Space Girl Collection has not announced the official release dates of these projects, they will keep fans informed via their social media sites, including Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

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