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The 5C Group, which is based in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has announced the launch of its website where the brand offers a portfolio of jewellery designed in-house. This includes hundreds of pieces: from casual styles for daily use, to formal wedding and engagement rings, to high-value couture. The company believes there is no alternative to experiencing first-hand the sparkle and weight of diamond jewellery. Thus, to help customers understand the quality of its jewellery, the 5C Group accepts low quantity purchases. This low minimum order quantity (MOQ) helps people assess the 5C Group’s work. And the business is also capable of supplying mine to retail, which means the ethically sourced diamond jewellery from the offices and atelier in Greater China can be supplied to various retail partners throughout the world. For more information visit https://5c-group.com

Companies wanting to view the catalogue can apply online through the 5C Group website to access hundreds of designs with pricing details. The 5C Group will review the applicant company's details and provide approval for each company’s free membership. After getting approved, businesses can login to the 5C Group site and enter their details. They will also be able to add a percent margin to the 5C Group wholesale prices to provide users with an idea of their selling price. Users may then order products in two ways. First, they can use the website just like a regular e-commerce system when they need samples or want to place low quantity orders. The second way is for those who want to buy higher volumes. Such users may create a quotation and submit their enquiry to 5C Group, after which their sales team will get back to the client through e-mail for the best possible offer.

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The key offering is the Aurora Cut Diamond, which has 73 facets compared to the 57 facets of the traditional round brilliant diamond cut, thus allowing the Aurora to be visibly brighter. The 5C Group was able to design the Aurora through the application of its proprietary technology that enables the natural radiance of each diamond to shine through, allowing the diamond jewellery and engagement rings to sparkle visibly brighter.

The guaranteed brilliance of the Aurora Cut Diamond with 73 facets results in more reflection, more light, more sparkle, and more beauty, and this “return of light” can actually be measured in four ways: brilliance, which is the intense white light that emanates from the diamond; fire, which is the vivid flashes of color that result from light bending inside the diamond; sparkle, which is made up of the pin-points of light that flash as the diamond moves; and light, which results from the symmetry that evenly distributes light in each diamond. Each Aurora Diamond 0.40cts and larger is independently certified to be visibly brighter. It is provided with a light-performance certification from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which is currently the biggest independent gemmological laboratory throughout the world and is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition, those who work with the 5C Jewellers Group have the assurance that the products are ethically sourced. Because it is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the 5C Group has applied its Code of Practices to its entire supply chain. This means that the company always follows ethical, responsible, social, and environmental practices in all of its business processes. The management team has been successful in implementing these practices while also ensuring that human rights are not violated. The company's business partners are also urged to comply with the standards set by the RJC. Together, the 5C Group and suppliers ensure that all of the components of the gems and jewellery supply chain are sustainable and ethical - from mining to retailing. The RJC is the leading sustainability standard-setting global organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.

Those who are interested in learning more about the jewellery products available through the 5C Group can check out the website at https://5c-group.com/ or contact the company on the phone or through email.


For more information about 5C Group, contact the company here:

5C Group
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