TX based Intercoastal Public Adjusters San Antonio is pleased to recommend the services of area public adjuster manager Scott Mauldin to all local residents. With a long and varied career that shows no sign of slowing down, Mauldin offers every client a professional and satisfactory claims experience.

Those who have already had the pleasure of working with Mauldin tend to universally praise how well he utilizes his broad background in a number of fields, a strength he shares with many others on the Intercoastal Public Adjusters team. However, Mauldin is unique in the fact that his experience may outstrip virtually everyone else in the area, thanks in part to a career that is on its way to its fifth decade. Today, he shows no sign of letting up on his commitment to representing his clients’ best interests following severe property damage or similar losses.

It may be of interest to some clients to learn precisely where his experience stems from. For instance, his background includes work in insurance claims alternative dispute resolution (settling disputes outside of the courtroom by any available means), claims adjusting (investigating claims to determine the extent of liability) and even commercial construction. The latter also gives him a deep understanding of the time and costs involved with rebuilding, which many homeowners will appreciate when they pursue a claim.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters further points out that Mauldin has managed thousands of claims for more than 20 insurance carriers since 2005. He is known for his ability to negotiate both aggressively and expediently when necessary, and his effectiveness is evident in his results. In fact, the company says Mauldin has successfully settled many large loss claims through arbitration and mediation alone, a route that is more likely to benefit all involved parties as well as minimize how long it takes for a settlement to be reached.

Expanding further on his background, Intercoastal Public Adjusters shares that he was once a commercial contractor who specialized in exterior building envelopes, such as waterproofing, roofing, masonry restoration and special coatings. Again, this experience is extensive, spanning at least two decades.

There are many reasons why a homeowner, for instance, would want to contact Scott Mauldin following a destructive event, such as a storm. Damage of this nature can often be pervasive, affecting much of a home’s most vital components (like the roof). If the homeowner has insurance, they may expect the insurer to agree to cover the costs up to the amount specified in their policy, but this may not always be the case. For one, the homeowner may find it difficult to prove that certain damage was not caused by factors not covered by the policy, and this can lead to a lower settlement — or even an unresolved claim.

Since the adjuster assigned to a case will likely favor the insurer where possible, it is in a homeowner’s best interests to work with a public adjuster. This is partly due to the fact that they will work independently of the insurer, and the homeowner can trust that their results will not be biased. As part of the Intercoastal Public Adjusters team in San Antonio, Mauldin routinely guides homeowners through the claims process while he conducts a thorough investigation of the damages incurred. The documentation he helps create, the assistance he provides with the necessary paperwork and the overall support he offers have already proven invaluable to many in the area, and he freely offers the same experience to every new client he takes on.

Mauldin is also bilingual, able to converse with English and Spanish speakers with ease. This makes it easier for him to communicate with clients in their preferred language, improving their overall efficiency when a claim needs to be made.

San Antonio residents who want to maximize the amount they receive from their claim are welcome to contact Scott Mauldin and the rest of the Intercoastal Public Adjusters San Antonio team today. The company can be reached by phone or email, and they are active on social media.


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