Active Inventory, a suite of restock and inventory management software tools for Amazon FBA, is helping small and growing Amazon sellers save time managing inventory and instead use it to grow their business.

Active Inventory is a one-stop solution to Amazon FBA inventory management that packs in a ton of features that its competitors offer, in just one page. The company’s Amazon inventory management software has perfected its user interface to make it extremely easy to manage inventory without relying on multiple tools and wasting too much time struggling with sub-optimal software. Active Inventory also boasts a built-in algorithm for restocking predictions that allows Amazon FBA sellers to limit stock outages and prevent overstocking.

“All your data on one screen, that is the Active Inventory promise,” says Eric Rymer, the spokesperson for Active Inventory. “We believe that you should be spending more time running the other crucial parts of your business rather than dredging through your inventory. So, all the information you need is easily accessible in an intuitive and optimized UI that lets you solve the inventory management problem fast. You can also highly customize the settings to match your workflow.”

The company encourages interested clients to try out the software suite by signing up for a free demo. The demo offers the same experience as the actual software suite replete with sample data that gives clients hands-on experience of how it can help streamline their inventory management.

Apart from the demo, customers can also sign up for a 14-day free trial that utilizes their own personal Amazon data. Populating the data for the free trial takes around 2 to 3 hours but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the data to fully sync. Moreover, customers also don’t need to submit their credit card information to test the free trial.

“Inventory management is just one small part of running a successful Amazon FBA business,” says Eric. “However, without the right tools and interface, you can end up spending hours digging through the data to make the right restocking decisions. That is where Active Inventory comes in. Our comprehensive data view and highly customizable settings make it extremely easy to get an overview of your inventory and manage it. Then, your time and energy can be spent handling the other pressing aspects of your business.”

The pricing of the software suite is as fair, affordable, and transparent as it can be. The subscription cost is based on the average orders from January to October which means that the company does not factor the holiday rush into it. The ten-month average determines where customers are placed in the pricing structure each year from their registration date. At the annual anniversary date, the account pricing is re-evaluated and set for the next twelve months. Clients also get unlimited users regardless of the pricing tier.

“You can get started with the pricing tiers using the simple estimator on our website,” says Eric. “For up to 5,000 orders, the average number from January to October, you can expect to pay $35 monthly. You can even save up to 25% by opting for an annual subscription. As the number of orders increases, the subscription cost increases commensurately. If you are a high-volume seller and process over 200,000 orders a year, write us for a quote tailored just for your needs. Head over to our website to get started today.”

Clients can export reports from Active Inventory as either PDF or Excel files. Users can create up to five custom tags for each SKU and then either sort or filter by them to limit the products they work with. FBA sellers with more than one store are required to have an Active Inventory account for each store under a unique email address. Currently, Active Inventory is only available for the United States marketplace.

Readers interested in trying out the software for themselves are urged to visit Active Inventory’s website and sign up for the free trial.


For more information about Active Inventory, contact the company here:

Active Inventory
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