Tulsa, OK: This article introduces a revolutionary new product through a 3D product animation from Industrial3D. Wellhead Systems Inc came to Industrial3D to use animation to show the New Titan Premier Model J-T. The Model J-T is a revolutionary oil and gas drilling product – taking what is typically three connections and putting them into one.

Industrial3D OIL Gas drilling

As new businesses face ESG ratings and standards challenges, the Model J-T helps with these efforts. It provides producers with a completely integrated system, reducing carbon footprint by up to 66% per well. Companies are constantly looking to improve their energy savings, and this animation explains how WSI's Model J-T does that.

The Model J-T includes the best in the industry in various components. It consists of a stuffing box with Superdome packing, pressure-balanced BOP, flapper valve assembly for well control in the case of a polished rod break, and an integrated pumping T – all in connection. The routine group is three connections, which does not include the safety mechanisms of the flapper valve assembly. It also consists of the best pressure-balanced rams. The Model J-T also boasts the most secure seal in the industry. The 3D oil and gas drilling product animation gives a visual story of all the details of the Model J-T.

Oil and gas drilling animations provide an optimal visual understanding of complex tools, such as the Model J-T. For example, when explaining the revolutionary assembly of a drilling component that is typically put together as three connections and is now one, a 3D drilling animation demonstrates this. Therefore, animations are an easy solution to showcase the incredible improvement in ESG ratings and standards and offer a tremendous boost in sales & excitement over new technical products.

Producers and companies in the oil and gas industry benefit significantly from explaining their revolutionary, complex, and technical products through 3D animation. Using a visual explanation gives an exciting idea for a product that could be otherwise tedious or challenging to explain through writing.

About Industrial3D: Industrial3D is a 3D animation & virtual reality studio embracing the most current, cutting-edge 3D technology. Industrial3D's goal is to help companies visually impress and engage their audience to increase sales, revenue, and efficiency. 3D animation, VR, and 3D graphic design communicate a product's value in an easy-to-understand and highly impactful format. Those interested can find out more on their Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/Industrial3D.


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