Atlanta, Georgia’s Eventsibles, Inc., has made a name for themselves by being a leader when it comes to event management and marketing. This includes their virtual conference management services. Now they are taking their digital event platform to a whole new level by making use of several new cutting-edge technologies. Those participating in their virtual conferences and other events will now find the experience very similar to attending these types of events in person. Among the many different types of virtual events that they manage for corporations and organizations include virtual conferences, virtual tradeshows, virtual job fairs, virtual HR meetings, virtual benefits fairs, and virtual career fairs.

“At Eventsibles, we partner with clients to provide a cutting-edge virtual events platform that makes it easy to host digital meetings and events,” says Michelle Wilker a company representative. “This includes being able to coordinate your event from anywhere in the world.”

Wilker went on to describe how cutting-edge technologies help enhance their virtual event management services. She says this all starts with a digital platform that helps make any virtual setting more flexible and scalable. Their platform has the tools to incorporate such things into a virtual event setting as lobbies, exhibit halls & booths, auditoriums, theatres, classrooms, networking lounges, and resource centers. It also enables the creation of high-impact background designs, videowalls, custom branding, help desks, and unique 3D designs along with being able to add real-world photos and images to a setting. The company representative says that with their platform, a virtual event host’s setting is only limited by that host's imagination. It was also mentioned that part of the advanced technology that their platform uses includes ‘robust applications’ that will help keep event attendees more engaged. This includes the use of videos, webinars, group chats, social sharing, and audio, webcam, and video with slide capabilities. These applications also can embed live, simulated, or on-demand happenings, and incorporate speaker bios & presentation resources, whiteboards, screen sharing, polls, Q&A, and feedback surveys into the virtual event experience.

The company representative also pointed out how well-rounded their virtual tradeshow management and other virtual management services are. Wilker says, “Our biggest priority at Eventsibles is to help clients plan and market their events to everyone, including attendees, vendors, investors, and industry partners. Eventsibles’ online registration service conveniently automates your event invitations, reminders, receipts, and invoices without the need for physical mailing.”

According to the company representative, the virtual event platform that they offer has many benefits for attendees too. Wilker expanded on this by saying, “Attendees can sign up at any time, and from anywhere in the world. We also provide group registration options so that one person can register and pay for the entire group’s attendance.” This is what has made their virtual event platform so highly thought of by those that have used it. She says not only does our platform make it simpler and more convenient for those hosting a virtual event but it also creates a more enjoyable experience for attendees.

Wilker also mentioned that what tops off the whole experience for the host of a virtual event is the long list of administrative tools that their advanced digital platform will provide to them. These tools enable hosts to better plan, organize, track, and analyze the goings-on of their particular virtual event. Included in these administrative tools are event general setting, content library, registration, and access & entitlement features. An event organizer can also use these tools to build event rooms and spaces and then determine who is granted access to them. She says that an event host will also be able to use these tools to observe event metrics, determine who can access specific features and reports, preview & publish event content, make secondary accounts for sponsors or partners, and list event representatives & staff members.

Those who are interested in learning more about this company’s virtual job fair management, virtual conference management, or any other type of virtual event that Eventsibles manages, Wilker says they are welcome to call them, send them an email, or they can fill out the ‘contact us’ form that’s found on the company website’s homepage.


For more information about Eventsibles, Inc., contact the company here:

Eventsibles, Inc.
Michelle Wilker
(678) 254-3254
2727 Paces Ferry Rd SE Building 1, Suite 750, Atlanta, GA 30339


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