WA based Gosanko Chocolate is inviting the Auburn community to stop by and try out its famous delicacies. The shop offers a mouth watering range of gourmet molded chocolate boxes and chocolate truffles that are designed to engage the senses of even the most discerning customer.

Despite its name and specialization, Gosanko Chocolate may be more identifiable among some as a coffee shop, especially since it pairs its best treats with an equally compelling array of hot chocolate and coffee options. As many are likely to have discovered on their own, there are few aromas as delectable as that of a combination of hot coffee and chocolate, and Gosanko Chocolate elevates this by utilizing only the best flavors on the market. As such, anyone who would like to spend some time inhaling the deep, rich and earthy tones wafting through the shop are welcome to stop by for a soothing drink or a snack to enjoy at home.

Coffee Store in Auburn WA

Gosanko Chocolate has several locations across the state (with several in Auburn, WA), and customers may look up their closest outlet by checking out the respective addresses on the company’s official website. More information about the various products and services on offer can be found here as well, and website visitors will also be able to customize their truffle box order at their leisure.

“If you’re dipping your toe into this world for the first time,” remarks Gosanko Chocolate, “our website’s front page features an excellent collection of popular items that you can use to start exploring. Virtually all our customers keep coming back for more once they see what we are capable of — and what their taste buds can experience. If you have any questions, come talk to us in person. Our friendly staff will always be happy to help you find something that suits your tastes.”

Gosanko Chocolate (and virtually all its customers) tend to recommend visiting the shop in person because there is no substitute for the experience offered here. A person ordering a box through the shop’s website will find they are limited to the confines of their order. At the cafe, where they can see its entire display up close and listen to the chatter of other excited customers, they are likely to find themselves more willing to experiment with their taste buds — especially as various aromas make themselves apparent.

This, the shop says, is its secret. A customer who walks in will always find something new to try, and regular customers who are known to have specific favorites will also step outside their comfort zone on occasion. This is the environment that Gosanko Chocolate curates at each of its locations: an area wholly dedicated to the exploration (and enjoyment) of some of the best chocolate and coffee in the state.

Evidence of this can be found in the shop’s glowing reviews. One online review claims, “I would give them two more stars if I could! Absolutely wonderful. Everytime I go, it takes me 10 minutes just to decide what to get. So many fantastic truffles and chocolates, treats and snacks! You absolutely must try the jelly strings, orange or blueberry; they are both great. And don't forget some sea turtles!”

Similarly, another customer shares, “The lady at the front was so very nice! My girlfriend went home with a handful of chocolates and the overall experience of coming to this place was great! I’d recommend bringing your kids and any sweets lover here for a nice well deserved treat! Ice cream and fudges are seasonal, so you will always come in for a surprise!”

Customers also go so far as to stop by to purchase the shop’s vanilla-dipped dog bones. When so many of the shop’s offerings set the senses alight, they often want to share this joy with every member of their family.

Gosanko Chocolate can be found at Factory Store, Outlet Collection Seattle, Pike Place Market, One Main and Kitsap Mall. More information on its truffle boxes, caramel boxes, molded chocolates and dog treats can also be found on the shop’s official website. See more here: Coffee Shop Auburn.


For more information about Gosanko Chocolate, contact the company here:

Gosanko Chocolate
(253) 333-7567
116 A St SE


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