Cyprus based ToyShop is pleased to inform parents that the store carries a full range of Back To School supplies for all ages. From pens and backpacks to bottles, notebooks and more, parents can find much of what their child needs to tackle the upcoming school year with confidence. Further, ToyShop has taken measures to ensure that their full range of products can be both viewed and purchased online through their webstore, making it more convenient than ever to shop for school supplies on short notice.

ToyShop directs customers to begin by taking a look at their selection of school bags, which come featuring various accessories as well as designs that any child will be happy to sport around. Superhero fans about to enter primary school, for instance, may be more interested in going to class in the morning if they are able to show off their brand new Spider-man trolley bag, which comes with a sturdy set of wheels and handles to ensure kids (or their parents) will not have to bear the full weight of a heavy bag.

Those who like brighter colours may instead prefer a bright pink option, such as the Unicorn trolley bag, and ToyShop adds that children with more conservative tastes can also find what they are looking for here. The range of available colours and designs is extensive, and even those who like dark or muted designs will find something to suit their tastes. ToyShop offers bags for bigger kids as well, built to be spacious, sturdy and durable enough to carry heavy textbooks without tearing at an unfortunate moment. These bags also come in trolley and backpack varieties.

A quick scan of the product categories on offer will reveal just how many items are available from ToyShop. Along with backpacks, the store’s inventory includes pencil cases, stationery, water bottles and even study desks for use at home. ToyShop points out that many of these categories in turn offer children and parents a wide selection to choose from. Water bottles, for instance, come in as many colours as the store’s backpacks do (if not more), and parents can choose between plastic containers their children may soon outgrow or stainless steel options that will last them the rest of their academic career with care.

Thanks to the online store’s built-in functionality, parents will find that they are able to tune their back-to-school search results to suit their budgets. A parent who only needs an affordable replacement for a short period, for instance, can turn the settings down to reflect the price range they are after. Conversely, anyone who is in the market for more durable or rare products can adjust the price slider to let the website know they are looking for such items. ToyShop has always sought to make customer satisfaction a cornerstone of their service, and this is represented in their actual premises as well as on their digital platforms. While a shopper’s best experience will always be with the store’s experienced and friendly sales assistants, the online experience comes very close.

In addition to price, a customer can narrow down their search by indicating whether the item in question is intended for a specific gender or age group. Further, parents who have already purchased bags from a manufacturer they like will be able to search for that specific brand again with ease. ToyShop gives them all the tools they need to quickly find what they need by themselves.

Despite its name, ToyShop offers much more than toys alone, and they state that their goal is to make sure a child’s needs are met wherever possible. Whether this involves stimulating their sense of adventure and joy with a great toy or giving them the tools they need to tackle a demanding school year, ToyShop aims to fulfil these needs. As such, parents are welcome to get in touch with the store’s customer support team if they require any further assistance getting their child everything they need for school.

ToyShop can be contacted via phone or email. Alternatively, parents may connect with the store’s social media platforms to keep abreast of their latest news, announcements and promotional offers.


For more information about ToyShop, contact the company here:

Paul Theodorou
+357 22424210
Archiepiskopou Makariou III 80, Anageia 2640, Cyprus


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