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Icarus Behavioral Health, based in Albuquerque, NM, wants to make known their suitability as an addiction treatment provider for the whole of Bernalillo County. For all residents of the county, their treatment services are able to meet a wide range of needs when it comes to mental health and substance abuse.

Given their commitment to the community’s well being, the organization has compiled several resources on Bernalillo County rehab centers and other facilities that can help an individual who is suffering from addiction. Icarus Behavioral Health has helped countless people take their lives back and stay on the path to sobriety (and beyond), but they acknowledge that many have yet to even seek help for their condition due to the stigma attached to it. For their part, the center hopes that their resources can help friends and family members both identify when a loved one is in trouble and learn how to accommodate their needs so that they are encouraged to seek professional help.

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In a recent article on the subject, the center says, “There are many instances wherein those struggling with drug abuse or addiction refrain from seeking help or admitting themselves into a Bernalillo drug rehab facility due to the fear of being judged or condemned for their current condition. This way of thinking stalls their recovery and develops a stigma that will only cause harm to their physical and mental health in the long run.”

The key to progress, the center says, is for people in this position to immerse themselves in a safe and supportive environment, and this is exactly what Icarus Behavioral Health provides. They clarify that there is a difference between substance abuse and addiction, and it is important to distinguish between the two so that an individual’s level of risk can be determined. For instance, should they be taking prescription medication at higher doses, this can be considered drug abuse, but this does not necessarily mean they are suffering from an addiction. Consistent, daily use, however, will eventually develop into dependence and addiction, which is why it is deeply recommended that people seek help before they get to this stage.

Should it progress, however, there are still many options at their disposal. For instance, Icarus Behavioral Health provides inpatient facilities that offer comprehensive support for clients as they recover from substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders. The center states that it is not uncommon for clients to present with a substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health condition, and this is known as a co-occurring disorder (or dual diagnosis). While either condition would warrant serious attention on its own, a client who has both will need expert care as each issue tends to compound the effects of the other. See more here: Inpatient Rehab Las Cruces NM.

In another article, the center says, “The rehab accommodations at Icarus Behavioral Health are pristine and designed to help you meditate and rest in between treatments. In general, clients are assigned en-suite semi-private rooms. You will be sharing your room, time and recovery journey with a roommate to help you strengthen your interpersonal skills, build a social support network and reduce the feelings of isolation that addiction and therapy may bring.”

Several treatments may be utilized in concert to ensure a client enjoys the highest chance of recovery. Most programs begin with detoxification, but a client may also undergo cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, individual and group therapy and so on. In certain cases, reward-based treatment may be utilized, and the center says this is particularly helpful with young adults.

Icarus Behavioral Health adds that their center accepts several private health insurance providers, which can help make it easier for many to take the first step towards treatment. Any questions regarding financing, treatments, availability, Los Lunas drug rehab services and more may be directed to the staff at Icarus Behavioral Health. The center is always ready to place their full suite of services at the disposal of clients in need. They also encourage their community to look up their many resources on substance abuse, alcoholism and more on their official website and reach out for Admissions help at any time via their phone helpline as well.


For more information about Icarus Behavioral Health, contact the company here:

Icarus Behavioral Health
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