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Arizona City, Arizona – A client at The River Source is so thankful for the dedicated addiction care he continues to receive at The River Source, he left an enthusiastic five-star review on Google.

“Grateful for everyone at The River Source,” wrote the client, Robin. “Thank you Phillip for all the help with aftercare and for keeping me connected to the fellowship!”

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The River Source, where Robin’s journey to recovery began, is a fully accredited treatment program offering the entire continuum of care for substance abuse, from detox to residential treatment. The River Source is committed to providing high-quality addiction care in a safe place. Its singular goal is to help clients discover the best version of themselves with a comprehensive program where they can learn to live free of addictive substances. All care is based on scientifically proven strategies balanced with alternative therapies like yoga and meditation and delivered in a warm, welcoming environment where clients can relax and focus entirely on recovery. Care continues even after the client leaves treatment, with a robust aftercare program providing a lifetime of support for the alumnus and their family.

Treatment begins with detox, an introductory period that prepares the body for rehab by eliminating the toxins built up during substance use. This can include nutritional IV therapy, medication-assisted treatment and non-traditional approaches such as massage, dry sauna, acupuncture, yoga and meditation. How long detox lasts depends on such factors as the type of substance the client has been using. The longer and the more frequently the client has been using, the longer and more difficult detox will be. This is why it’s so important to undergo detox under qualified supervision like The River Source offers.

After completing detox, clients transition to residential treatment. Key offerings include group, individual and family therapy and may focus on co-occurring disorders – also known as dual diagnosis, when addiction is accompanied by an emotional or psychological condition that may be the primary disorder rather than the addiction itself.

Proof of The River Source’s confidence in its quality of care is the program’s unique Recovery Guarantee: If someone relapses within a year of graduating from the full continuum of care despite following their treatment plan, they may return for treatment at no charge. It was created in response to research showing that those who complete only 30 or fewer days of treatment are more likely to relapse than those who finish at least 90 days.

With The River Source’s lifetime alumni aftercare program, chances of relapse are reduced even more.

It includes meetings, workshops and other resources to ensure that graduates stay active in recovery. Aftercare programs include online fellowship through an email newsletter for alumni and their families and a private Facebook group keeping members informed of upcoming meetings, workshops, speaker events, sports clubs and teams and other gatherings.

The River Source holds weekly on-site alumni meetings focusing on various recovery topics and brings alumni together at accountability meetings where they can help each other through the struggles that inevitably come during post-treatment. Every other month, alumni meet in workshops providing open discussions about topics like relapse prevention and coping skills, with first-hand testimonies from recovery guest speakers.

Moments of crisis don’t wait for scheduled events, so The River Source operates a 24-Hour alumni hotline staffed by experienced care professionals. It’s available whenever the alumnus feels overwhelmed, anxious or worried about recovery or has questions.

The hotline and lifetime alumni program are proof that even after treatment ends, the caring team at The River Source is there no matter what.

With multiple locations, including their Phoenix Substance Abuse Program, The River Source makes it easy to attend one of their centers. For information on Arizona’s premier drug and alcohol rehab program, visit The River Source or call 866-367-6881.


For more information about The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program, contact the company here:

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