TX based ColorBit Lights is pleased to unveil their highly anticipated new product: the DIY Package. ColorBit Lights is a family-owned business headquartered in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, and they manufacture smart app-controlled, customizable lighting solutions that are vibrant, beautiful and fun to use.

ColorBit Lights’ DIY Package combines their regular lighting kits plus their Vinyl Bundle. The lighting kits include ColorBit Wifi Controllers, led light strings, a weather-resistant power supply, Marine Grade Heat Shrink for connection points and Android/iOS Installation instructions. In addition, the Vinyl Channel bundles match the length of their ColorBit Lights Kits and include extra footage needed for usual installation adjustments. Additional pieces may be required for unusual configurations or sub-optimal piece layouts and are available with a 4-piece minimum. Three stainless steel screws per piece are included for each piece for mounting.

The DIY Package’s standard profile comes in dimensions of 1-1/2” (38mm) height x 1-3/4” (44.5mm) width x 75” (1905mm) length. They have 12mm bottom holes placed at approximately 3 3/4” (92 mm) spacing with 20 holes per piece. There are 3 #10 x 2-1/2" stainless steel exterior wood screws included per piece. ColorBit Lights is proud to point out that the product is custom fabricated from Vinyl J-Channel, made in the USA.

The default Vinyl colors are Glacier White, Deep Espresso and Vintage Wicker (Tan). However, ColorBit Lights assures other colors can also be custom-made upon request. The DIY Packages are available in 30ft, 60ft, 90ft, 120ft and 150ft lengths.

ColorBit Lights DIY Package allows anyone to create the perfect custom lighting setup for their space. With the 90 foot DIY Package or the 120 foot DIY Package, customers can get everything they need to build the light installation they want. They can build out an entire room or just a small corner. Most importantly, they can do it all themselves.

Peter Kramer from ColorBit Lights says, “This is the ultimate way to build your dream lighting installation. With the DIY Package, you can make a big impact and bring the party to life! You can upgrade your space with a custom-built kit that has all the materials you need to create an illuminated masterpiece. Whether you are mounting it to your home, office or building, you can easily get the perfect look without hiring any professionals!”

ColorBit Lights have earned rave reviews from its customers. The company boasts a perfect 5 out of 5-Star rating on the Google platform. One of their valued customers says, “Frankly, I was reluctant to supersede my existing home ‘Christmas only’ lights because (1) the lights I have are bought and paid for (sunk cost), and (2) Colorbit lights are not cheap (I needed 100 ft - 400 LEDs). But the hardest part of the whole installation was following their user guide (you really have to download their App first. No, really). I plugged it all in and presto! Put another way, I am delighted and will buy from Colorbit again.”

In another review, Brent F. writes, “When I found these lights, I was looking for a more permanent year-round application. These fit the bill perfectly, and with a little time and some vinyl J channels, they are hardly noticeable during the day. I paired these with a programmable outdoor plug system, and they are a great addition to our home. Special thanks goes out to Tony from Colorbit as I found myself texting him questions, which he always had an answer for and pictures of the process during the install. The company is very supportive! I would highly recommend and would definitely purchase again for other areas of our place.”

In 2017, ColorBit Lights’ founder saw a lack of capability in products of that era and was dismayed over the lack of choice or ease of operation. He created ColorBits Lights to provide more choices to everyone, such as permanent Christmas lights, year-round home accents, craft lighting and so on. Their brand new DIY Package is an evolution of their products, providing more power to the customer to display lights the way they want.

Those who want to learn more about all products manufactured by ColorBit Lights or simply learn more about the company itself should visit their official website. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch with them via email, phone or other convenient method. ColorBit Lights can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


For more information about ColorBit Lights, contact the company here:

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