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People from Texas and many other nearby states often seek out medical treatment for hernias at the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center in Waxahachie. This is because of its reputation for often being able to satisfactorily address the physical and mental concerns that go along with having inguinal hernias. These are concerning hernias that happen when some tissue, such as that of the intestine, starts to protrude through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles.

Dr. Mazen Iskandar, MD, FACS, the clinic’s founder, uses a minimally invasive surgical techniques as well as open techniques with or without mesh reinforcement. One option for a tissue repair without mesh is the ‘Shouldice Repair’ to treat inguinal hernias.

Even though it’s something that his clinic has had great success doing for many years, many people still do not know what’s involved when it comes to Shouldice Repair for inguinal hernias. That’s why those at the center decided to post an article to the center’s website which describes the Shouldice Hernia Repair procedure in more detail.

The article started by stating that Shouldice Repair is a tissue repair or a non-mesh based method for treating inguinal hernias. It involves utilizing a permanent surgical suture to stitch four separate anatomical layers together. The article points out that Dr. Iskandar, who is a renowned expert in hernia repair, is pleased to offer patients this option for the treatment of inguinal hernias because it’s a hernia repair technique that he has experienced great success with. It also poses little risk of serious complications or infection.

In the article, it also talks about some of the benefits that treating an inguinal hernia using the Shouldice Repair Method offers. This includes the procedure only using the patient’s own tissues and no potentially problematic surgical mesh material is used. There is also no entry into the abdomen area which prevents possible damage to the intestine or major blood vessels. It was also mentioned that this surgical procedure can even be carried out using only regional or local anesthesia. This Iskandar Complex Hernia Center surgical treatment puts a patient's mind at ease because of its proven durability and safety along with being a procedure with a low recurrence rate. It then went on to discuss the steps that take place when a patient undergoes a Shouldice Repair to treat their inguinal hernias and the article ended by presenting a list of the most frequently asked questions about this type of minimally invasive hernia surgery.

Dr. Iskandar, a board-certified general surgeon, obtained his medical degree from the American University of Beirut and afterward completed his general surgery residency training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City. He also did most of his early training and furthered his surgical expertise in that same city. This additional training allowed him to concentrate on his passion for bariatric surgery which includes complex abdominal wall reconstruction and hernia surgeries. Dr. Iskandar then relocated to Texas in 2019 and started the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center in 2019. The center is located in Waxahachie’s prestigious Baylor Scott & White medical complex.

Those that have had treatments done at the Iskandar Complex Hernia Center often leave rave reviews about that experience. Hannah Saulter stated, “Wonderful surgeon. He explained my treatment plan thoroughly and the surgery went very well. He is also kind and well-spoken. The office staff is wonderful as well. I had to travel over an hour to see him and I will tell you, it was worth it!” George Cude Jr proclaimed, “I would like to thank Dr. Mazen Iskandar, MD, FACS, of “The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center” for care, patience, and his skills in repairing my hernia. He explained to me fully what he planned to do to make the repair. I was very pleased with the outcome. Without any reservations whatsoever, I would highly recommend him to anyone needing hernia surgery.”

Those seeking more information about hernia repair in Waxahachie can visit The Iskandar Complex Hernia Center website or call the clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Iskandar.


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