Florida based Realtor Colleen Deegan is placing her considerable expertise in the residential real estate industry at the disposal of Cooper City home buyers, sellers and investors. With her assistance, every transaction is guaranteed to go through as smoothly as possible, and her clients can enjoy a stress-free experience in her capable hands. See why Deegan is among the most sought-after individuals in the field at the following link: https://www.colleendeegan.com/.

Deegan has offered her services as a real estate agent, real estate investor and property manager in South Florida for more than a decade. Her experience, as a result, runs the gamut of the industry, and her clients have long come to expect a comprehensive and all-inclusive service in residential home buying and selling.

While many understand that networking is a crucial aspect of working in real estate, Deegan takes it upon herself to forge connections with as many peers and partners as possible in order to guarantee her clients access to the best deals across the board. These activities have led her to contribute her time as a member of several illustrious organizations, including the Davie Cooper City Chamber of Commerce, the Plantation Chamber of Commerce, The Tower Club of Ft. Lauderdale, Women’s Board of Realtors, Mothers of Preschoolers, the Young Professionals Network and FemCity.

Her tireless work on behalf of her clients has also cemented her place as one of the most well-respected real estate professionals in the region. For her part, Deegan attributes her passion for working with clients to achieve their goals to her upbringing in Miami, FL and Concord, NH as well as her exposure to diverse schools of thought throughout her education. She holds a Pre-Law degree from the University of Louisville and a BA in Literature from Florida International University.

Deegan’s efforts in networking are complemented by her popularity within the communities she serves. Clients who recognize the sheer value of her services are often more than pleased to direct their friends and family to her office as well, and this means that the vast majority of her work is built on a constant stream of referrals. Deegan explains that clients generally wish to be treated as competent parties in their endeavors, so she strives to be as frank as possible whenever she shares advice. At all times, she remains honest, transparent and eminently reliable, a potent combination of factors that have not gone unnoticed. See more here: https://www.colleendeegan.com/buyers/deciding-to-buy/.

Her willingness to be direct has earned her considerable respect from everyone she works with, but this forms only half the picture. As new clients soon learn for themselves, her knowledge of the current market in South Florida is invaluable, especially given her expertise in General Residential Sales, Luxury Home Sales, Commercial Properties, Relocation, Rentals, Off Campus housing and Investment Properties.

At the moment, Deegan is particularly keen to work with clients who are considering the merits of selling their property. She makes it a point to encourage clients to carefully consider why they are going through with the sale to begin with — this step often exposes additional factors that may impact the seller’s lifestyle, opportunities and finances. Once she understands why the sale is taking place (whether the client simply wishes to find a larger property, move elsewhere or other reason) she can pursue options that will better suit the client’s requirements and real estate goals.

Property owners will undoubtedly wish to learn more about the market in order to determine the right time to make a sale. Should they work with Deegan, they can trust that her recommendations will offer them the most favorable circumstances for said transaction. She and her team constantly follow the pulse of the real estate market at a local and regional level, and clients will always receive up-to-date information on the price, financing and terms and conditions of competing properties. Those interested may learn more here: https://www.colleendeegan.com/sellers/deciding-to-sell/.

Clients may reach out to Colleen Deegan at her office if they wish to discuss the sale, purchase and so on of any residential property in Cooper City and beyond. Should they prefer, they may connect with Deegan through her social media platforms to keep abreast of her office’s latest news and announcements.


For more information about Realtor Colleen Deegan, contact the company here:

Realtor Colleen Deegan
Colleen Deegan
300 FEDERAL HWY #200; Hollywood, FL 33020


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