Winter Park, FL based COSMarketing Agency would like to talk about some of the services the agency offers. Run by Katrina Tecxidor, the agency combines social media marketing with search engine optimization and ads to create an effective, well rounded marketing strategy that reaches people across the internet.

The agency is based in Florida but serves all kinds of businesses all over the country, providing fully customizable services to meet the needs of all their clients, be they big or small. Visit the agency’s website here:

Also known as Creative Online Solutions, the agency prides itself on producing unique, custom-made content, and it has a strong policy of never reusing old content. At COSMarketing, they believe that =clients deserve only the best, so they strive to provide this at all times. Businesses can book free consulting meetings online or by calling or emailing COSMarketing Agency. The agency offers a full social media audit for all first time prospects, thoroughly looking over the client’s social media presence and identifying every aspect that could be improved on.

Katrina Tecxidor CEO COSMarketing Agency

The aim of COSMarketing services is to deliver four essential digital marketing services: they help their clients reach larger audiences, hire marketing talent, manage their media and generate leads.

“Growing a brand is not a simple task,” says COSMarketing. “You’ll need some tools to try to pick up the attention required for someone to come investigate and buy from you. Having the right help at the right time makes all the difference! Many businesses get off to the right start but fall short of closing more sales and growing their audience. Some businesses spend way too much of their money on the wrong marketing talent. With over 30 combined years of experience in Website Design, Graphic Design, Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, Social Media Marketing and more, we know where and when to place your business in front of your ideal prospects.”

The marketing industry, specifically online marketing, is notoriously difficult to navigate, with many of COSMarketing’s clients previously having spent tens of thousands on hiring marketing talent that is either ineffective or leaves well before the investment is fully realized. COSMarketing takes away the stress of hiring and managing a marketing team and does all the web marketing work, leaving their clients to attract more customers. In the long run, the agency’s clients save time and money that they would have otherwise spent on hiring employees and people to manage said employees.

Half of COSMarketing’s service packages cost less than one minimum wage employee. Conversely, their largest service package costs less than the average marketing employee, but it still comes with a full team of experienced marketing specialists.

Another issue that many of COSMarketing’s clients encounter is the fact that they are unfamiliar with all that is involved in managing their website and social media. Interpreting digital analytics to determine what works and what does not work takes a trained eye, and many companies simply do not have talent that knows what to look for. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that hiring a professional to carry out this work in-house can be very expensive. Having another dedicated provider, however, such as a marketing agency whose whole purpose is to handle such things, is a far more cost effective solution to all of a business’ social media and marketing woes. The agency invites businesses to take a look at their Facebook page for an example of an effective social media platform:

“Data collection is vital to our campaigns,” the agency says. “Our team provides you data and analytics that prove success and gives real-time feedback on every aspect of your marketing campaign. We will tell you what is working and if something is not. We adapt your campaigns to adjust to the best possible keywords and post topics to allow for the best chance of success. When your company is successful, we are successful, simple as that!”

They continue, “Any business owner knows their time is valuable and can be limited. That is why we include some virtual (or in person) meetings with you and your staff. We can go over ideas, discuss analytics and answer questions during staff meetings. Need business coaching? We can help you improve your business model through insight and market research!”

Learn more about the agency’s marketing and social media management services through the videos on their YouTube channel, which can be found here: They can also be reached via phone or email.


For more information about COSMarketing Agency, contact the company here:

COSMarketing Agency
Katrina Tecxidor
3008 Antique Oaks Cir, Winter Park, FL 32792


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