BOFU, a digital marketing agency based just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has announced the launch of its first e-book titled The Ultimate Google My Business 2022 Guide. The book is ideal for small local businesses who want to get started with understanding the power of having a business listing with Google and the mechanisms with which to harness this power and maximize returns.

Google makes available Business Profiles as a way for its online users to find contact information and read reviews of local businesses in their area without leaving the Google Search or Google Maps page or app. Google has put processes in place to automatically detect and add local businesses operating in a region to its Business Profiles database. So, regardless of whether a business owner created a Google Business Profile for their company, there is a good chance that if they have been operational for some time, Google may already have a profile for the business available in its database. However, a large portion of business owners, 56% according to a LA Insider report from 2017, are unaware of the benefits of having a Google Business Profile and thus leave the auto-generated profiles unclaimed.

This is a missed opportunity as a well-optimized Google Business Profile, which the search giant has also made free to use, can give a huge boost to internet traffic. Marc-Antoine Rioux, Co-founder of BOFU Marketing Agency talks about its benefits by saying, "Being visible on Google has never been more important, especially for local businesses. According to HubSpot, 46% of all searches on the platform are for local business information, which is huge! With this guide, we want to help these businesses maximize their presence on Google so that they can increase their visibility, and their notoriety and make their products and services known to as many potential consumers as possible, as quickly as possible."

The results from several studies over the years corroborate Marc’s claims. For example, a study from Small Business Trends in 2020, right during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, found that businesses with a Google Business Profile reported a 61% increase in inquiries from January 2020 to July 2020. In a 2019 study, BrightLocal also found that 84% of all searches by internet users who are looking for a specific product or service are aimed at finding a trusted and reliable local provider for the same.

With the release of The Ultimate Google My Business 2022 Guide e-book, BOFU is helping the majority of business owners, who have either left their Google Business Profile unclaimed or are ignoring its traffic-driving potential, get a head start on leveraging it. The guide from BOFU covers the basics of the Google Business Profiles platform including creating one, using the dashboard to keep it updated, and finally optimizing it such that it appeals to the business’s target users and converts the traffic into real sales.

The 70-page e-book consists of sections such as “What is Google My Business?” “What are the advantages of Google My Business?,” “Google Local SEO Statistics,” “Google My Business marketing statistics,” “Configure your Google My Business page,” “Claim a Google My Business page or claim an existing Google Maps listing,” “FAQ - setting up a Google My Business page,” “Optimize and maximize your Google My Business listing,” “Tool: Local citations also known as NAP data,” “Guidelines for Channels, Services and Independent Professionals: Best Practice Tips by Google,” “Illegal activities, marketing, promotions or contests,” “How to work with a third party?,” and “Scam calls.”

The Ultimate Google My Business Guide (French) is currently available for purchase on BOFU’s website for the low price of just $9.99 CAD. The product page for the e-book also has a FAQ section that answers some of the most pressing questions that business owners might have about creating or updating a Google Business Profile. The e-book has received favorable feedback from readers and has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 score from 4 reviews.

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For more information about Bofu Marketing Agency, contact the company here:

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