DFW-based company ColorBit Lights has released a brand new "About Us" Video that gives an in-depth look at the start of the company, the motivation behind creating the product, and the unique gaps in the marketplace that the product fills.

Tony Koelker, the patriarch of the family that runs the company, was an executive manager at an healthcare company when he felt the need for a lighting solution for his pool that could be more than just a static system. Jason came up with an interesting tech prototype that created a visually appealing assortment of multicolored lights that playfully shined and bounced around to give the pool area a dramatic shift in mood. Tony identified the potential of the lighting system that Jason had created and then set out to turn his invention into a finished product that was different from anything else on the market due to its versatility and ease of installation.

ColorBit LED Home Lighting

Tony talks about the philosophy behind the creation of ColorBit Lights by saying, “We wanted a system that homeowners with even the slightest inclination for understanding and assembling DIY systems could easily mold to their liking. The guiding tenet was to make a system that is a cinch to install and doesn’t require the services of a dedicated technical team to put together. You can do this with the ColorBit Lights system as we have poured years of R&D into making it modular and customizable. We include detailed instructions in all of our kits and we also make available exhaustive online tutorials in the form of FAQs and videos so that you have absolutely no trouble when it comes time to build your own system. We have even gone as far as using non-proprietary, off-the-shelf components to create the ColorBits Lights system so that you will be able to easily replace and repair the product in the worst-case scenario.”

When asked about how the product differs from competing offerings, Tony says, “Other light installations are very opinionated in how they are installed and operated and what they allow you to visually accomplish. The ColorBit Lights system is far more malleable. Our lights can be installed using universal gutter and roof edge clips. You don’t need any expensive power tools as there is no need to drill holes in the fascia to install our lights. The control system is also straightforward to manipulate. We have made an app that allows you to control the pattern of the lights and you can even program your own animations if you are comfortable with Javascript. We ship plenty of patterns for you to try out and if you need to create a unique pattern, feel free to dive in and create something one of a kind. You don’t get this level of customization with other systems. The ColorBit Lights system also manages to do all of this at a fraction of the cost of other competing systems. There is absolutely no reason to pour thousands of dollars into antiquated lighting systems that don’t give you options while also leaving you at the whims of large companies and their technicians that bleed you for money every time you need to change your installation or need repairs done.”

The ColorBit Lights system offers several advantages such as no programming skills required, all animation coding included, a short learning curve, no worry about the comparability of components, confidence in a workable end product, plug and play connectors (no soldering), non-proprietary components, availability throughout the USA, short lead time for product delivery, applications beyond roof lines, portable installations options, a product warranty on the system, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The lights can be used to decorate gardens, homes, buildings, pool areas, decks, and patios, or they can be used in any number of arts & crafts projects that need a custom lighting solution.

ColorBit Lights LLC is a family-owned business headquartered in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. Readers who want to stay updated with the company’s products and services can check out their Facebook page.


For more information about ColorBit Lights, contact the company here:

ColorBit Lights
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