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Dry Star Restoration and Construction LLC is providing emergency water damage restoration services in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company has been active in the region since 2012 and has excelled in its mission due to an intense focus on customer service and excellent work quality. The company’s dedication to its clients and trade is cemented in its stellar reputation amongst the local community which can be readily gauged from the reception it gets on its online listings. On its Google My Business page, the business has an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 80 reviews, as of the time of writing.

One of the newest reviews that thanked the company’s technicians for the job they did in restoring a home following water damage says, “Dry-Star was quick to respond to our house for water damage. Mario and Damarian were efficient and very professional during the mitigation process.” Another recent review commended the company’s speed of service by saying, “I was very happy with Jay and his team for the efficient clean-up when our hot water heater leaked all through our new carpet. We appreciated the promptness and detailed communication we received.”

When asked to comment on the sentiment expressed in the aforementioned reviews, a spokesperson for the company responded to the press by saying, “We place our clients’ needs first. Water damage restoration is a tricky business to be in because the customers are usually distressed due to the havoc that this elemental force of nature has wreaked on their property. They expect immediate service as they are worried about the health of their property and every moment wasted irrevocably damages it further. Our clients need clear directions on whether we will be able to take on their restoration task and if so, what are the expected timelines. We make sure to operate with the utmost integrity and always communicate our availability clearly with all our clients. Once we arrive at their site, we draw on our experience to give them an accurate estimate of how long the water damage restoration process will take. We make sure to stick to the schedule and to always deliver on the promised timelines. The consistency with which we have kept our word and delivered exceptional work quality to our clients is why we have such an envious standing in the community right now. If you are looking for the best water damage restoration Scottsdale has to offer, you cannot go wrong by calling on Dry Star Restoration and Construction LLC to address your needs.”

Dry Star Restoration and Construction LLC handles all steps of the water damage restoration process including water removal, water extraction, and complete restoration. Water removal is of top priority as it involves removing all the standing water using high-speed high-power pumps. The water will be removed, and the area will be cleared regardless of the source of the leakage which can be anything from broken or leaky pipes, bathtub overflow, sink overflow, toilet overflow and leaks, air conditioner leaks, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, and dishwasher overflow, or sump pump failure.

Once the bulk of the water is removed, the company uses advanced moisture detecting tools that can ascertain the degree to which water has seeped into certain parts of the house such as the hardwood floors, crawlspaces, drywall, or even furniture. Depending on the areas that need to be dried, the company uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers to ensure there are no remnants of moisture on the surfaces that were most exposed to the water damage. Once the area is sufficiently dry, the company’s contractors will get to work restoring the damage by repairing, replacing, or reconstructing it. They will keep an eye out for any kind of warping, swelling, delaminating, and buckling in the building materials and make sure to remedy every corner of the property to its former pristine state.

Readers looking for companies providing water damage restoration in Phoenix can contact Dry Star Restoration and Construction LLC at the phone number (480) 664-4264.


For more information about Dry Star Restoration, contact the company here:

Dry Star Restoration
Richard Appel
(480) 664-4264
3045 N. Norfolk, Mesa, AZ 85215


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