Trust Roofing, a Dunedin, FL based roofing company, has set out to challenge and change old roofing industry standards of poor-quality service by prioritizing customer satisfaction. They intend to achieve this by elevating the overall customer experience and being responsive at all times.

The primary requirement customers expect is for a contractor to produce excellent results on every job, but the company believes this should not be the sole focus. Trust Roofing also aims to revolutionize the industry by using high quality materials on every job, staying up-to-date with the latest styles and industry techniques, educating their clients (so they know how to care for their roofs in the future) and sticking to schedule — finishing jobs within two weeks or less. They also provide instant quotes and ensure that they are always easy to get hold of in the event a Dunedin client ever needs to get in touch.

A representative of the roofing company says, “It's just plain wrong that homeowners aren’t taken care of (especially with the cost of investment) or that standards aren’t set high enough. We set a high standard for our crews and understand the size of the investment. We always provide a service-oriented and empathetic approach.”

The company is known for their flat roof repair services as well as their residential roofing options. Trust Roofing believes in building close relationships with every single client in order to make sure that they fully understand the unique needs of everyone they work with, which in turn incentivizes the client to continue relying on Trust Roofing for all their roofing needs. Calling Trust Roofing means getting access to an experienced team that brings decades of roofing experience to each job, thus ensuring the best solution will be made available at the best price. They make it a point to remain fully available to the client from the first call to assessments all the way through installation (and for years after).

The company’s expertise and experience dates back to 1978, when owner and CEO of Trust Roofing Tommy Scherer began work as a contractor for roofing companies in Hollywood. Over the years, the founder worked with various companies across the country, learning all there was to know about roofing along the way before finally opening Trust Roofing in California. He then began opening new locations in Tampa, Orlando and Central Florida to expand the company’s reach. The company now specializes in single ply roofing systems (after he discovered that it is the best flat roof repair system on the market). Single ply roofing has a proven track record and is known for its durability, Class A fire rating and reflective properties.

The roofer has received a number of excellent reviews from pleased clients all over Dunedin. Mark S. says, “Their customer service is excellent! Very responsive when you call with a question or problem. They also adjust the price as the work is being done, in my case both ways. I'll explain. I needed a roof repair after a tree fell on my home. They gave me a quote (same day!), and it was definitely a fair one. The roof decking went well over the original amount quoted, which to me was expected, and the price went up. Then they over estimated the amount of soffit needed, so they subtracted that from the now new price. At the end of the day, the cost went up approximately $35 for an extra 80 linear feet of roof decking! Extremely honest and fair! Highly recommend Trust Roofing!”

Another review comes from Bernice Lajas states, “I received a quote and inspection from Clarissa, and she scheduled the install the same day for just a few days later. She was very attentive, and even when I needed her months later for a document for my taxes, she responded right away. The workers were professional and mindful of not leaving nails around everywhere (we have kids and a dog). They closed out the permit right away and were done in two days. My electric bill went down over $100, and we had no damage when Hurricane Ian rolled through, unlike our neighbors’ roof. I would recommend [the company].”

Anyone looking for more information on Trust Roofing and the many services they offer may visit the following link: Contact Us.


For more information about Trust Roofing, contact the company here:

Trust Roofing
Robing Scherer
(813) 560-2998
620 Union St. Dunedin, FL 34698


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