Open innovation ecosystem, EarlyBirds, is bringing together innovators, early adopters, and subject matter experts who have a deep love for the environment and want to unlock the potential of green technology for its conservation and reinvigoration.

The climate crisis has been at the forefront of the collective mind space of global business leaders, government officials, and scientists for many years now. While educating people about the problem was indeed difficult, the next step of this fight, implementing the solutions needed to make an impact, is where the real challenge lies. Due to the size, scope, and crucial nature of the world’s current energy infrastructure, which includes the sourcing, refining, and utilization of precious non-renewable resources, urging nations and businesses to change their ways is not an easy tech

Since this paradigm shift involves a massive investment in new production capabilities, companies are not willing to make the short-term sacrifice needed. This is compounded by the fact that most consumers are also reluctant to pay higher prices for the same product or service even if it is manufactured in a sustainable, more environmentally friendly way. The key, then, is to meet in the middle by upgrading or replacing existing processes with comparable greener options.

EarlyBirds founder Kris Poria talks about this obstacle by saying, “Green technology holds tremendous promise for the future of the planet. Adopting it efficiently to fit in with current capabilities, however, requires specialized technical know-how that is not easily accessible and doesn’t come cheap. Businesses that want to do good by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions are faced with an uphill battle. The answer is to bring together those who have the expertise in green technologies to the same platform as those who have the necessary resources and are equally as motivated to bring about the change. If you represent a large private organization or government that wants to take this leap, we urge you to sign up to the EarlyBirds platform as an Early Adopter at”

Some of the most promising green technology trends are those that make use of existing capabilities to deliver sustainably produced energy more efficiently. Green hydrogen is a new source of energy that produces almost zero greenhouse gas emissions when it burns. Distributed and decentralized energy grids give homeowners the incentive to invest in solar panels to generate and send energy back. Decarbonizing technologies such as carbon capture, cool roofs, plant-based meats, high-performance construction glass, and more can increase energy efficiency and reduce the CO2 in the environment. Advancements in the manufacture of electric vehicles such as cheaper, longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries, or those made from other elements, can spur wider adoption of EVs and bring down car and truck emissions to a large degree. Sustainable agriculture methods such as vertical farming can also have a major impact as agricultural activity is responsible for around a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

EarlyBirds has created a detailed map of the core components of each sector needed for Energy Transition where Green Energy forms a component of this ecosystem. EarlyBirds can create specific green technology ecosystem maps aligned to a particular topic relevant to the required business outcomes. An innovation map will provide complete insight into the global capabilities of the core themes and subthemes. The maps are dynamic as they are being updated every day and are designed to grow and change shape as the energy transition industry changes. An EarlyBirds innovation map has many use cases including providing industry capability insights, building sovereign capabilities, leveraging partner nations, securing innovators, solving wicked problems, increasing the pace of adoption, and more.

The EarlyBirds Explorer program helps businesses that need innovation as a service to supplement existing innovation programs or to conduct innovation projects as required. Its Challenger program is designed to solve one business or technical challenge at a time and search for relevant innovators that meet the business, technical, commercial, and business risk requirements.

Startups and researchers who have cracked key challenges in the adoption of green technologies can sign up as Innovators on the EarlyBirds platform at EarlyBirds can help favorable innovations find the patronage they need to be market-ready and make their way into real-world products and services.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose
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