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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, a rehab facility based in Hakalau, HI, is happy to announce that they have recently released a trio of resources related to their holistic treatment approach, particularly with regards to healing codependecy, the disease concept of addiction, and the use of adventure therapy for helping people suffering from an addiction. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private eight-bed facility offering luxury holistic addiction treatment located on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Codependency is a psychological condition where a person exhibiting low self-esteem has an unhealthy attachment to another individual and then places the needs of that person before his or her own. Codependents frequently connect with people who are struggling with a substance abuse issue as a way of giving their lives “purpose” by trying to fix or take care of that person. This cycle of codependency can be harmful to everyone involved because it allows the addicted individual to continue using dangerous substances without some of the typical consequences. At the same time, the codependent will feel like they are a failure with regards to their role as a lover, father, mother, etc.

A woman sips coffee in beautiful surroundings, to show the efficacy of healing codependency at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

While there are many ways to heal codependency, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab wants to point out that one of the best ways to heal is through its facility on the attractive Hawaiian beaches. They provide holistic treatment strategies for drug, alcohol, and mental health rehab, and are a suitable choice for anyone who is suffering in a codependent relationship. With regard to addiction developing alongside a codependent relationship, it usually evolves as a kind of self-medication, where the person suffering from an addiction can take the view that their drug use or drinking is a perverse form of self-care. Addiction or alcoholism alongside codependent behavior is even more prevalent when the mental health of one or both individuals has a problem. To help with healing codependency, the staff and expert clinicians at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab can help in finding the best ways to enable both to be happy and flourishing individuals. Over the course of their treatment at this holistic facility, clients will learn many ways of getting healed from their codependency.

In another recently released resource, they provide answers to relapse prevention questions. One of these questions has to do with relapse prevention, which is a self-control program that teaches participants who are attempting to change their behavior how to anticipate and cope with the issue of relapse. By anticipating problems that may arise, and developing a relapse prevention plan, people struggling with addiction and their loved ones would be better able to deal with the chronic nature of addiction.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab also provides adventure therapy as one of the ways to treat addiction problems. This is based on the observation that the peace and tranquility of nature can have healing properties. When combined with therapy and group activities, helpful bonds and healing that can last a lifetime become available, particularly within the appropriate setting.

Launched in 2003, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private luxury drug rehab and alcohol treatment services provider that is strategically located on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is regarded by many people as “the healing island”. The treatment facility can be found on a peaceful and beautiful cliff facing the Pacific Ocean and this functions as an amazing backdrop for the treatment where clients are provided with a safe and nurturing environment that is suitable for people who are just beginning their journey toward recovery from their addiction. Their holistic, non 12-step rehab is tailor-fitted for each particular client to ensure that it fits their specific requirements and preferences and is a cohesive and comprehensive pathway towards recovery that can finally offer them a way to escape from their addiction.

Those who would like to know more about the various services provided by Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, such as their adventure therapy for addiction, can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone for Intake Coordination and inquire about availability and scheduling.


For more information about Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, contact the company here:

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