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Nationwide drug and alcohol addiction treatment information and onboarding assistance provider, Find Addiction Rehabs, has published three new comprehensive resources that delve into the specifics of the public, and private, infrastructure, government policies, and insurance offerings that aim to increase the quality of addiction treatment in Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine.

A spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs talked about the dire substance abuse situation affecting public health in the New England states by saying, “The state of addiction has reached a particular crisis point in New England. According to a 2017 ranking by WalletHub, that considered data from private as well as government research agencies, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine came in 2nd, 5th, and 17th respectively when it came to the states in the country with the biggest drug abuse problems. Nearby Massachusetts came in 9th. Most New England states also report a high rate of opioid-related deaths that is far above the national average, almost twice for 5 out of the 6. Our team of writers and public health experts has been closely paying attention to the region. With this trio of newly released articles, Find Addiction Rehabs aims to provide a compelling way for New England residents to find out more about the types of facilities and options available to them, both in their home states and nationwide. If you are looking for the best alcohol and drug rehabs in Maine, Rhode Island, or Vermont we urge you to check out these new resources. As always, if you need assistance in these three states or nationwide you can reach out to us for assistance at our 24-7 hotline (877) 790-6751.”

A man finds solace during group therapy at one of the top rehabs in Maine thanks to the services of Find Addiction Rehabs

Vermont, the Green Mountain State, has one of the higher rates of alcohol use disorders nationwide, along with growing rates of drug use and overdose. The average US alcohol consumption rate is 51.4% whereas the same rate for Vermont is 62.4%. Similarly, the heroin use rate in the country stands at 0.31% whereas in Vermont it is 0.65%. The same rate for the 18 to 25 age group is almost triple the national average at 0.85%. Heroin use is closely linked to the abuse of prescription drugs as over 80% of new heroin users in the state moved from the latter to the former. Find Addiction Rehabs recognizes the need for intervention and has thus released a Vermont-focused resource that provides details on the current state of addiction and treatment resources, as well as provides typical costs of treatment, drug laws, and how to find the right level of care for oneself or a loved one.

Next, often thought of as a vacation destination, the state of Maine is home to over a million year-round residents. The state has had its issues with alcohol abuse for a while now and, recently, an increasing array of drugs has also been flooding it. In Maine, one in 10 young adults aged 18 to 25 admits to abusing prescription drugs such as pain relievers. It has also been a concern for the state government which spent $47 million in 2010 to fund substance abuse treatment initiatives. Individuals who are struggling with their demons or family members who are seeing a loved one suffer can head over to our new Maine-focused information resource to find out more about the treatment options in the state.

Finally, Rhode Island, while small in size, plays a large role in New England, with many connections and shared passions with its neighboring states. Unfortunately, it also plays host to many of the same serious problems with addiction. According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in any given year, around 225,000 (21.27%) Rhode Island citizens use illegal substances while another 62,000 (5.86%) abuse alcohol. Find Addiction Rehabs’ new resource for the Ocean State residents helps them learn about Rhode Island rehab facilities and the range of long-term recovery programs and treatments they offer.

Find Addiction Rehabs can be reached at any time of day by its telephone hotline, and offers immediate assistance with same-day placement possible for those needing assistance with addiction or mental health issues across the country.


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