Get Moving Reviews is providing moving companies with an all-in-one solution to get online reviews and build up a solid reputation that can attract customers.

A business, whether it is a retail store with a brick-and-mortar location or a fully online operation, can live or die based on its online reputation. When customers don’t have enough experience with a company or its services, they turn to online reviews to see what others like them have to say about it. In fact, a survey from ReputationX found that 85% of customers who look for products and services online trust other internet users’ opinions about a business just as much as friends and family.

The most effective strategy to bolster a business’s online profile is to make it easier for satisfied customers to leave reviews. The large volume of positive reviews can then counter the occasional but inevitable negative reviews. With Get Moving Reviews’ all-in-one platform, which has been built specifically for moving companies, business owners have a complete solution to achieve just that.

Get Moving Reviews makes it easy to automate the process of soliciting reviews from customers using customizable email and SMS templates that can be sent after a move is completed. Moving company owners and managers can also monitor and manage their online reputation in one place. They can instantly receive alerts for new reviews and can respond to both positive and negative feedback from within the Get Moving Reviews software platform.

The spokesperson for Get Moving Reviews, Nick Dimoro has been vocal about the importance of reputation management for moving companies. He says, “Your company’s online profiles are often the first point of entry into your sales funnel. Whether you catch the eye of a customer on Yelp, or they find you through a Google search, the rating next to your company name is going to hugely factor into their decision to give you the time of day. Most users will just move along and try to find another service provider if your overall review score is too low. You might end up losing hundreds of customers if someone with unrealistic expectations or, worse, a competitor with no moral qualms is damaging your online reputation. You can fix this. By prompting genuine customers who love your work to leave a review, you can drown out the negativity. This is exactly what Get Moving Reviews does.”

The powerful features included in Get Moving Reviews’ software suite include review generation, review reminders, bad feedback management, website and email tools, auto social posting, reputation monitoring, and automated reporting. The platform can be integrated right into the client’s main website with the Get Moving Reviews team providing comprehensive setup and operations support throughout the process.

Get Moving Reviews claims that its clients, on average, receive a review every 1 out of 4 customers after switching to using the software. Clients also report a 100 to 500% increase each month in reviews when compared to before they started using the company’s services. Some of the companies that have benefited from Get Moving Reviews’ software platform include Local Moving Heroes and New View Moving in Arizona, Treasure Moving Company in Maryland, and Master Movers in Tennessee.

Robert H. attributes the improvement in his company’s online reputation to the Get Moving Reviews software platform by saying, “The GMR team helped us shape up our reviews and come up with an effective strategy."

Steve R. talks about how the service enabled his company to go toe to toe with other local moving companies by saying, “Within 4 months, we managed to beat our main local competitor on reviews."

While thanking Get Moving Reviews for helping his company reach a review milestone, Kevin B. says, “My moving company reached 50 reviews in 3 months! Highly recommended.”

Readers interested in finding out more about Get Moving Reviews can write to it at for inquiries or to schedule a demo of its reputation management platform.


For more information about Get Moving Reviews, contact the company here:

Get Moving Reviews
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PO Box 2138 Sierra Vista, Arizona 85636


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