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D.I. Auto Care is pleased to announce that when in need of cigarette smoke smell removal Phoenix car owners can go to them. They have professional smoke and odor removal specialists who can efficiently get rid of the smelly air inside the car, which can have negative health effects, including coughing, shortness of breath, headaches, and chest congestion. The smoke and soot removal professionals from D.I. Auto Care will use chemicals such as chlorine dioxide and ozone to eliminate the smoke and soot. They will also use equipment such as an air compressor, which is used to suck up the fumes and chemicals, not just from inside the car but also inside the home, from carpets and like.

Paul, the owner of D.I. Auto Care, says, “We offer removal services for smoke smell or any kind of foul smell in the Phoenix Area metropolitan area via mobile service. We use ozone and enzyme treatment to eliminate smoke odor, car odor, pet odor, mold, mycotoxins (fungus), and many other organic property pollutants. Odors from cigars, cigarettes, other substances, and fire leave smoke residue that infiltrates fabrics and fibers. Your heating and air conditioning ventilation system and air intake manifold may also be blocked or contaminated. D.I. Auto Care can decontaminate and sanitize your air filtration so your vehicle smells fresh and clean.”

Cigarette Smoke Smell Removal Ahwatukee Phoenix

Smoke Smell Removal Phoenix

Meanwhile, carpets in houses can also be full of bad odors, including the pungent odor of cigarette smoke. This is particularly true for carpets made of cotton, which can easily absorb the smell. Washing the carpet will not totally eliminate the smell. The chemicals that have lodged in the fibers of the carpet need to be removed. That is why professional cigarette smoke smell removal experts are needed because they are knowledgeable and experienced, plus they have the proper equipment to eliminate those odors.

An important equipment used by these odor removal professionals is the ozone machine, which oxidizes the organic contaminants in the car or in the home, in the same manner as chlorine. Ozone treatment is the best way to get rid of foul odors, such as cigarette smoke smell. However, this should be done by a professional because it could be dangerous if not used properly. Just like with chlorination, the appropriate concentrations and contact time is vital for disinfection.

For cars, the professionals at D.I. Auto Care use a 3-step treatment. The first step is to perform full interior detailing, which is essential in order to get rid of the source of the odor from the car. This step includes interior steaming of carpet, headliner, and seats, and A/C and vents cleaning/sanitizing. Some companies will just provide ozone treatment, so car owners need to beware of them that are just out to make some easy money. The next step is enzyme treatment to pre-treat the car. And the third step is the ozone treatment that is provided using their specially designed ozone machine. Cabin air filter replacement is also recommended.

They can also help with mold and mildew, which also emit foul odors that have been known to negatively affect the health of people, especially those with certain sensitivities. It is not advisable for people to perform the mold and mildew removal themselves, especially if they are sensitive to mold and mildew. Using the services of a mold and mildew removal company like D.I. Auto Care is the proper way to do it.

D.I. Auto Care is also a provider of mobile car detailing in Phoenix and neighboring areas. They specialize in the detailing of cars, trucks, RVs, motor coaches, boats, planes, and high-performance cars. Paul has been detailing cars for more than 34 years. D.I. Auto Care has a five-star rating on Yelp and Google. They also offer auto detailing, tint removal, ceramic paint protection, window tinting, and auto glass windshield repair and replacement.

When in need of odor removal Phoenix car owners can check out the D.I. Auto Care website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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