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GetDandy’s AI-powered reputation automation platform has introduced a new AI-driven solution to win back and engage upset customers.

With over 50,000 negative reviews analyzed and removed to date, GetDandy has helped thousands of businesses analyze and fix their online reputation over the years. Its automated platform works 24/7 to keep track of and respond to online reviews across a range of review aggregators. Now, with its latest announcement, the company is introducing its new Win Back feature which uses AI to win back upset customers, turning them into brand champions for GetDandy’s clients.

“As the name suggests, the Win Back feature allows GetDandy to reach out to customers who have written bad reviews and helps our clients win them back,” says the spokesperson for the online reputation management solutions company. “From our research, we have determined that there is nothing better for customers than knowing that they have a voice, and they are being heard. When you respond professionally to a negative review and let your customers know their concerns are being addressed, you have a chance to turn them from critics to some of your staunchest supporters. The Win Back feature simplifies this process opening to you a whole new world of brand champions who are ready to promote your business to their most trusted immediate connections.”

Along with the company’s new Win Back feature, GetDandy, as a platform, offers several reputation management services including review removal, review aggregation, reputation management, reputation monitoring, review generation, surveys, reporting, web chat, and guest feedback QR codes. The company’s services are not just reserved for large corporations and can be deployed for all kinds of clients, big and small, across a range of industries including healthcare, dental, real estate, home services, retail, legal, financial services, hospitality, automotive, restaurants, insurance, personal services, and more.

GetDandy’s automated system works 24/7 to identify negative reviews and find ways in which they can be disputed. This includes using the company’s proprietary NLP and ML-driven review legitimacy scoring technology to find out if reviews or review contributors are in violation of any of the review site’s Terms of Service. The company’s review dispute and removal technology has integrations with almost all major review aggregator sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

The company also offers ChatGPT-powered automated review replies that mimic authentic, personal, and unique replies from business owners to keep the customers posting reviews, either negative or positive, engaged. The result of these interactions is that customers posting in bad faith think twice before leaving negative feedback.

Finally, GetDandy also makes it easy for businesses to collect more reviews from legitimate customers who are happy with the product or service received. On its dashboard, where all its services can be accessed in one convenient location, it offers QR codes for experience surveys, information gathering, and sentiment analysis. So, the increased volume of positive reviews from real satisfied customers counters the occasional negative reviews and secures the business a solid rating on its many online profiles.

GetDandy’s services have yielded real results for thousands of business owners, many of whom have voiced their approval of the company’s software suite in their testimonials. Edward Sclafini, the owner of Northside Grill & Sushi, says, “I’m vouching that the work GetDandy has done to eliminate bad reviews from our sites has worked. Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor – a big improvement. I’m really happy about it. The job does get done.”

Rachel, the owner of Care Net Pregnancy Center says, “We use GetDandy for online review management, and we are very happy with their services. They have been able to remove negative reviews from our profile, some of which have been on our profiles for months if not years. So overall, we have been very happy with GetDandy’s work for our center.”

Readers who want to give GetDandy’s platform a try can contact the company at (949) 755-7782 or visit its website at to schedule a free demo of its services.


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