Good Time Tours, a party barge rental company in Austin, Texas, is offering advice on how party groups can make the most out of their time on their Lake Travis pontoon boat rental.

The first and most important consideration, according to Good Time Tours Captain Kris Fisher, is to determine the ideal rental barge. To make the right decision, clients need to know the exact size of their party as boat rentals have an upper limit on the number of people they can accommodate. Moreover, hosts should also spend some time browsing through the features offered by each rental boat based on their party’s needs. For example, smaller barges may not offer a restroom, slides, or a built-in grill.

good time tours lake travis party boat rental company

Next, Captain Kris recommends preparing an exciting playlist that captures the mood of the occasion that the group is celebrating. The playlist should be long enough to last the length of the rental. The music should also ideally be paced such that it starts by building a relaxed and inviting ambiance and then builds up to a crescendo.

Party barge rentals can also be rented out for varying time frames based on the client’s budget and goals. To ensure that there is no last-minute change of plans, the host should clearly communicate them with to everyone invited and encourage them to freely voice their concerns if any.

Most party boat rental companies also ask clients to bring their own food and drinks to the party. The hosts should plan on bringing enough food for everyone while considering dietary restrictions such as whether invitees are comfortable with alcohol, whether they prefer vegan food, etc. Hosts should also inquire with the party boat rental company whether it offers amenities on the boat that allow them to make cook or store their food items, such as grills or ice chests.

Finally, those in charge of the party should not only be meticulous in their planning before arriving on the boat but should also be looking out for their guests while on the water. Though party barge rentals have all the safety equipment on board, the hosts need to ensure that their guests act responsibly during the event.

Captain Kris summarizes his thoughts on what makes a great time on Lake Travis by saying, “Renting a party boat is a refreshing experience that you will never forget, especially if you are surrounded by the people you love and respect. Just make sure to listen to all follow your captain’s recommendations. We have been doing this for years. We have seen it all and are always looking out for your best interests.”

Good Time Tours offers party boat rentals on Lake Travis, which is located about 23 miles outside of downtown Austin. The company caters to all kinds of groups including birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sunset tours, party cruises, office parties, and more. Some of the locations that clients can look forward to enjoying on Lake Travis include Devil’s Cove, Paradise Cove Marina, Hippie Hollow, and Arkansas Bend.

Since Good Time Tours operates exclusively on Lake Travis, an inland water body, there is no need for guests to take sea sickness medication. The pontoon boats offered by Good Time Tours are up to code, regularly inspected, and comply with all safety regulations. The barges are expertly navigated on Lake Travis waters by the company’s licensed and experienced captains, Captain Kris, and Captain David.

As of the time of writing, Good Time Tours has an almost perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from over 180 reviews on its Google Business Profile. Good Time Tours Lake Travis party boat rental company has two double-decker boats currently available for booking. The Mayhem Ponton is ideal for 11 people or less and the Rambunctious Pontoon can carry at most 17 people. Some of the exciting features common to both rentals include a huge ice chest, stereo system, lilypads, slide, and more.

Readers from all over Texas can contact the party boat rental company in Austin at (512) 924-2911 or write to it at for inquiries.


For more information about Good Time Tours , contact the company here:

Good Time Tours
Kris Fisher
(512) 924-2911
17141 Rocky Ridge Rd.
Austin, TX 78734


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