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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), based in Boca Raton, FL, is reaching out to show their community how certain behaviors may be signs of an alcohol problem. While it is relatively easy to identify a possible alcohol problem when an individual has been drinking excessively in front of witnesses on multiple occasions, it can sometimes be hard to recognize such issues in other contexts. FAR hopes that their new materials will help people identify these behaviors so a loved one in need can be encouraged to make a positive change or seek help.

One avenue that a concerned party can pay attention to is in texts. The center states that a family member or friend can sometimes take intoxicated text messages as a sign of an alcohol problem, though some consideration has to be given to ensure an incident was not a harmless one-off. The center’s first article on the topic states, “Whatever the situation may be, most drunk texts are harmless accidents. Many people will simply laugh about it, apologize to the recipient, and move on with their lives. Of course, if you are getting intoxicated and send out drunk texts on a regular basis, this may be an issue worth looking into.”

A man sends drunk texts he will regret and does not know Find Addiction Rehabs offers treatment for problem drinking

Alcohol, like many substances or activities, is relatively harmless when consumed in moderation, so the center clarifies that people should not necessarily be concerned about having one or two drinks on occasion. The issue arises, however, when this becomes an ongoing, destructive habit. FAR points out that alcohol is known to lower inhibitions and affect a person’s ability to make sound decisions, so the choice to have a single drink can easily become the continued decision to keep having more. In these circumstances, given how accessible a phone (and by extension, other people) is, a person may be more inclined to voice thoughts they normally would never share.

The article states, “While at the moment this can seem like a fun and exciting idea, you likely won’t feel this way the morning after. While some people might believe that drunk words are sober thoughts they are often better left unexpressed. After a wild night of drinking, most people wake up the next morning confused about the events of the previous night and embarrassed once they realize who and what they were texting.” Crucially, this is only an issue if it happens regularly.

A person who gets drunk so often that they text deeply private thoughts to other parties will likely have a host of other issues to deal with as well. FAR points out that overly indulging in alcohol can make it difficult for people to keep a job, and this is also true if they are drunk when actively interviewing for jobs, especially if urine tests are required. The center says urine analysis tests can detect alcohol consumption up to 3-4 days after the fact, so they may wish to learn more about eliminating alcohol for urine testing purposes. Then, once they have passed, they can use the close call as a sign to consult with a professional.

The article says, “one of the first ways you can try clearing your urine after having a few drinks is to make sure you drink plenty of water. This will help to dilute alcohol concentrations in your urine and will make it harder for the alcohol to show up on a test. Proper nutrition and the right foods can help detox alcohol more effectively and completely.” More tips are available here as well.

Similarly, a person may have to deal with vicious hangovers after a period of intense drinking, which again can disrupt their ability to lead their lives in a regular fashion. While the best course of action is to limit alcohol consumption to begin with, FAR says there are some other actions that can be taken to limit the severity of a hangover — which can be especially helpful when it lasts more than a day.

The center’s article on the subject says that those suffering from extended hangover symptoms should focus on managing their hangover rather than eliminating or ‘curing’ it altogether. The best that can be done is for its effects, which may include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and so on, to be minimized. More details are available in the full article.

While these issues can be dealt with on occasion, a person who finds themselves enduring social missteps or poorer quality of life as a result of alcohol consumption should consider that they may have a problem with alcohol. The earlier they work to address this problem, the easier it will be to successfully get back on a healthier track. Those who wish to learn more — or who believe professional resources may be required — should contact Find Addiction Rehabs to get started.


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