Torrance, CA: Promoting independence, self-sufficiency, and personal growth for individuals with disabilities, ICAN California Abilities Network is at the forefront of providing disability services to the Torrance community. The scope of services offered by ICAN ranges from programs to help with employment and independent living to providing physical and mental health support.

In 2021, the employment-population ratio for people with a disability from 16 to 64 increased to 31.4 percent, the highest rate since 2008. The spike in this rate is attributed to organizations like ICAN California Abilities Network, whose mission is to equip individuals with disabilities with the resources they need to live a more active life. For over four decades, the organization’s services have expanded to include an array of innovative programs tailored to meet the needs of those with developmental and physical challenges.

Notably, ICAN has created a customized program of disability services, including Supported Employment, Partial Work, and the Marketplace Program. They provide coaching, job development and placement, career exploration, and training. The cornerstone of these services is to help individuals with disabilities reach their job-related goals. Additionally, the organization’s healthy living services concentrate on physical health, mental health, nutrition management, therapeutic recreation, and socialization skills building.

The pulse of ICAN’s mission to foster inclusion and promote community integration is recognized by its commitment to providing exceptional services that meet the needs of each individual. Their highly trained staff and passionate volunteers are committed to creating an environment where individuals with disabilities can live independent, self-reliant lives. Their Gold Star Rating and APSE Certification prove their unwavering dedication to providing the best services possible.

ICAN California Abilities Network is truly a torchbearer in giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live an independent life while being equipped with the necessary resources and support they need. Its mission to help individuals with disabilities is powered by its passionate staff and volunteers, who are enthusiastic about creating a path to success for those in need. By providing quality and accessible services, ICAN is making a difference in the Torrance community and beyond.

About ICAN California Abilities Network:

ICAN California Abilities Network provides disability services to the Torrance community and beyond. Its mission is to foster independence, self-sufficiency, and personal growth for individuals with disabilities by offering a range of programs and services tailored to meet their needs. Visit for more information.


For more information about ICAN California Abilities Network, contact the company here:

ICAN California Abilities Network
ICAN California Abilities Network
2375 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501, United States


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