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IMHO Reviews issued the latest update on their website on Mindvalley's programs that launch in September. The biggest event that will be happening this month, according to the article, is the launch of the Lifebook Online program. This Quest includes 18 hours of training over 6 weeks, and like most Mindvalley courses, consists of daily 15-20 minutes video lessons. Lifebook Online was created by Jon and Missy Butcher, entrepreneurs whose Precious Moments family of companies has made over $10 billion in sales.

IMHO Reviews Mindvalley September Launches

Lifebook Online has over 56,000 students enrolled from all around the world and is available in 7 languages. Lifebook Online is a Mindvalley partner program that is not produced in-house. It is not included in the Mindvalley Membership and has to be purchased separately. Right now the price is $299 (the regular price is $1,250). The start of the next Lifebook Online will be on September 19, 2022.

Lifebook Online focuses on helping students discover their strengths and weaknesses in the 12 dimensions of their life, set their objectives, and achieve the vision of success in all of them. The dimensions are the following: Health & Fitness, Intellectual, Emotional, Character, Spiritual, Love Relationship, Parenting, Social, Career, Financial, Quality of Life, and Life Vision.

"Lifebook Online program teaches students how to get a clear vision and design an authentic life, develop unbreakable resilience, strengthen their growth mindset, get more done in less time, achieve work-life balance, discover true passions, and accelerate goal achievement. It is a great program, but if you are not sure if Lifebook Online is the right fit for you, I suggest first signing up for a free "Design Your Ultimate Life" masterclass with Mindvalley's founder Vishen Lakhiani and Jon and Missy Butcher. The 90-minute masterclass talks about discovering what you really want in all areas of life and ways of manifesting it into reality with a clear plan. It gives a glimpse of what Lifebook Online is about," explained the owner of IMHO Reviews Vitaliy Lano.

The Design Your Ultimate Life masterclass has over 748,000 students enrolled and is playing for free for a limited time only. Several topics are discussed in it: discovering a personal Life Quality Score, the 3 silent saboteurs of hopes and dreams, creating a personal Lifebook, why focusing on career and wealth is a trap, and eliminating uncertainty.

Lifebook Online program received a lot of praise from both students and Mindvalley coaches. The creator of Uncompromised Life Quest which has over 1,5 million students enrolled and UK's number 1 therapist Marisa Peer said: "I loved Lifebook. I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve been a therapist for 43 years. Be fair to say, I know a lot but I found Lifebook really extraordinary because it covers all 12 categories. For me, the most important category was parenting and the character. And I’ve learned a lot. I think it was marvelous. There is no doubt I’ll be implementing all of this in my life."

IMHO Reviews also shares that on September 17, 2022, Mindvalley will host one of its biggest events of the year, Vishen Live. It will be held in Los Angeles, California, and feature 3 special guests and over 1000 attendees. Until September 10 the tickets are sold for $199, after that the price will be $249.

"The seven-hour event is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to supercharge their mind, manifest their goals, or just connect with like-minded people. It will be hosted by Vishen Lakhiani himself and he will be joined by a panel of guest coaches," said Vitaliy.

For more information about Mindvalley courses, masterclasses, and discounts on annual Membership, visit IMHO Reviews' latest article and video.


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