NC based Intercoastal Public Adjusters is pleased to announce that the team will now be available to clients in Greenville NC – Pitt County and surrounding areas. Those impacted by flood, storm or hurricane damage may turn to the company in their hour of need to ensure their compensation is accurately calculated.

Many policyholders who take out some sort of insurance against natural disasters or serious weather events may be under the impression that they will be made whole quickly and without complications. The unfortunate reality, however, is that a private adjuster will typically represent the best interests of the insurer that employs them, not the client who needs help. This can have a number of repercussions that could result in serious setbacks for residents who are trying to rebuild and move forward after their property is damaged.

In addition to minimizing the urgency with which a claim might be processed, an adjuster has a conflicting priority: the insurer’s profits. The more an insurer has to pay out, the smaller their profits, so even in cases where the results of this influence are more subtle, a homeowner may see their claim bring in a much lower amount than what they believe their losses to encompass. Given the life-changing amount of money this difference can represent, every action should be taken to avoid this possibility.

This is why Intercoastal Public Adjusters exists. Unlike an insurer, the company’s priority will always be the client. As a public adjuster, they are fully committed to ensuring that the homeowner in question is able to leverage an accurate appraisal of their losses in order to receive a suitable amount in compensation.

There are other reasons why a homeowner will want to work with a public adjuster when processing their claim. Given the field they work in and the people they do business with, the team at Intercoastal Public Adjusters has a great deal of experience navigating the complex claims process, and they are more than willing to put this experience to work on behalf of their clients. In practice, this means that clients receive invaluable assistance organizing their claim, making sure all the associated paperwork is in order and even negotiating with the insurer.

In the aftermath of a severe loss, such as a flood in Greenville, Intercoastal Public Adjusters observes that homeowners and other residents will likely have very little time to dedicate to filing their claim. Every error in the paperwork, its language and even administrative errors can lead to delays that keep the policyholder waiting even longer for their settlement, so it is crucial that they give the process their full attention. Since this is at its most challenging when it is needed most (following a loss), the company strongly advises that policyholders choose a reputable professional to pursue the claim on their behalf.

Intercoastal Public Adjusters in Greenville provides skilled professionals who are licensed in the state of North Carolina for just such purposes. Many clients have already placed their trust in the team to investigate the true extent of their losses as well as work with insurance companies to ensure a claim is processed in a timely manner. The company has a strong preference for hiring people who already have an adjacent background in relevant industries prior to undertaking their training as adjusters. This includes construction, roofing, restoration and more, and all of this experience is put to good use for the claims they tackle on behalf of their clients.

A Greenville resident who experiences a loss is advised to speak to a professional before taking any action in response. The advice they receive may change depending on their precise circumstances, but Intercoastal Public Adjusters says it is often good practice to document as much of the damage as possible (safely). This will help them prove the veracity of their claim and speed up the claims process when it officially gets underway.

Homeowners and others who would like professional assistance from a public adjuster after a Greenville emergency are welcome to contact Intercoastal Public Adjusters Greenville today. The company is available for all manner of serious losses, and they can help local residents maximize the settlement they receive from their insurer. The company can be reached via phone or email.


For more information about Intercoastal Public Adjusters Greenville, contact the company here:

Intercoastal Public Adjusters Greenville
Michael Scordato
252 408 5780
Greenville, North Carolina


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