Life Energy Solutions recently announced that they have a selection of EMF devices available on their website designed to protect people from harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation emitted by their cellular devices. According to the Life Energy Solutions website, a growing number of medical doctors and scientists agree that the Electromagnetic Field radiation created by cell phones has been linked to incidents of severe ill health. The protective devices the company sells are designed to counter that radiation, acting as a shield which, in the words of the company website, “enables your body to stay healthy”. To promote customer trust, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, assuring everyone who buys their products that they are genuine, high quality devices that work. Anyone who is unhappy with their purchase can get a full refund.

Life Energy Solutions provides three options for customers looking to protect themselves from EMF radiation. The first option is called RadiSafe, which is a small button or chip that can be attached to the back of a mobile phone. According to the company, RadiSafe is designed to absorb radiation emitted from the phone, without interfering with cell signal strength or reception. For those who prefer to charge their phones wirelessly by their bedside, Life Energy Solutions offers the SleepHalo EMF Protection Cellphone Charger. This device is specifically designed to block radiation while wirelessly charging a cell phone. It targets individuals who keep their phones near their beds at night and wish to reduce their exposure to cell phone radiation during sleep. The third option is the Blockit Pockit, which serves as a carrying case for a phone and also offers protection for credit cards and money. Besides safeguarding against cell phone radiation, the Blockit Pockit is designed to protect credit cards from potential information theft.

It's important to note that while these products are marketed to address concerns related to EMF radiation, any statements about their effectiveness are based on the claims made by the company and scientific research, but are not medical claims. As a responsible consumer, it's always advisable to do thorough research and consult with experts before making decisions regarding personal health and safety.

A representative from Life Energy Solutions encouraged readers to “read our reviews to see how happy our customers are with our products.” Indeed, they have many positive reviews from previous customers on trust pilot, such as this five star review from Ria G on the Sleep Halo EMF Protection Cellphone Charger: “Best nights sleep ever! I bought this product on Tuesday and had it in my hands by Wednesday. Living outside of London, that speedy delivery is unheard of. It’s now Sunday and I wanted to wait a couple of nights so I could give an honest review. I’m finding it so much easier to go to sleep since using the Sleep Halo.” Another customer commented that the device prevented her cellphone from interfering with her baby monitor. Several people appreciated the sleek and stylish design.

Life Energy Solutions was founded by David and Margie Slinger after they started designing and building EMF protection devices to clear the negative energy from their property in Kenya. They based their designs on the work of 1940’s psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who was best known for his “orgone accumulators”. These were big boxes made of layers of wood and metal, and many people believed that sitting in the boxes could cure them of a variety of ailments. By integrating the power of crystals into devices inspired by Reich’s original designs, David and Margie Slinger claim to have focused and concentrated the power of the orgone accumulator such that a chip the size of a thumbprint can neutralize the EMF produced by a cell phone. They promote their EMF shields and Energy Balancers as a way of encouraging health and wellness in the homes of their customers.

The EMF Protection products from Life Energy Solutions are shipped worldwide from their base in New Zealand. All of their products are individually made, so they can infuse each one with a hefty dose of personal love and care for best results. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Life Energy Solutions and the products they sell can visit the company website for more information.


For more information about Life Energy Solutions, contact the company here:

Life Energy Solutions
David Slinger
+649 416 6959
27 Cherub Place, West Harbour, Auckland 0618 New Zealand


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