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Sacramento, CA – In a groundbreaking new research study, Nature's Rise is investigating the potential of combining weighted blankets and functional mushrooms to relieve common cold symptoms. The company's latest study is led by researcher Sony Sherpa and monitored by the Nature's Rise CEO, David Longacre.

The study will involve a small-scale trial of the combination of weighted blankets and functional mushrooms on participants recently diagnosed with the common cold. Participants will be monitored closely throughout the trial period to measure the treatment's effectiveness.

Functional Mushrooms and Cold Water Baths to Fight Stress

Participants will be asked to report their symptoms before, during, and after the trial to track progress accurately. In addition, a third-party research verification firm will assess all data collected during the study to ensure accurate results.

At the end of the study, Nature's Rise hopes to provide evidence-based recommendations for those looking for natural treatments for common cold symptoms. The company also hopes its findings can influence more comprehensive discussions about alternative therapies and their potential efficacy in treating illnesses.

If successful, Nature's Rise is optimistic that their findings could open up new doors for natural alternatives to more traditional medical treatments. With further research, David Longacre believes complementary therapies such as weighted blankets and functional mushrooms could become prescribed treatments for various conditions. To help spread awareness of these findings, Nature's Rise plans to present its conclusions at various scientific conferences worldwide. Additionally, they intend to share their research with healthcare professionals

Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular amongst those suffering from stress and anxiety and have been proven to reduce cortisol levels. At the same time, certain types of functional mushrooms can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Combined, these two treatments are thought to help alleviate many symptoms associated with the common cold, such as congestion, sore throat, and fatigue.

Mr. Longacre said this about the study: "At Nature's Rise, we always look for ways to improve people's lives through natural health solutions. We believe this combination of weighted blankets and functional mushrooms could be a powerful treatment for the common cold, so we are very excited to conduct this research."

The study will focus on how weighted blankets and functional mushrooms work together to reduce common cold symptoms. Researchers hope that results from the study will provide evidence for using this combination as a viable treatment for the common cold and other illnesses.

Ms. Sherpa commented on the study: "We are confident that our research will uncover valuable information about how weighted blankets and functional mushrooms can be used together to treat the common cold and its associated symptoms. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results of this innovative new approach."

Nature's Rise hopes their research will provide more natural treatment options for people suffering from cold-related illnesses. Their team of expert researchers is dedicated to finding effective natural remedies, so they can continue to provide high-quality health products to their customers. For more information on how Nature's Rise promotes natural health solutions for common diseases, visit


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