The Lewes, DE based Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center is pleased to announce that they now offer the new Saorsa wart removal system. This system holds many advantages over other wart removal treatments, and the overall patient experience is much better as a result. Those interested are welcome to contact the clinic today to inquire further. See more here:

Saorsa’s wart removal system is known as ‘Swift.’ Many will agree that this name suits the system well; patients visiting the clinic from now on will notice a drastic reduction in how long their wart removal treatments take. In fact, each session takes between 5-10 minutes to complete, and the Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center states that most patients will only need two or three sessions to fully take care of a wart. These sessions will typically take place around four weeks apart.

According to the clinic, warts are benign skin lesions that are caused by a viral infection known as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). In this case, the virus infects the skin by making its way through cuts and abrasions in its surface. While it is possible for such infections to cause warts anywhere on the skin, they are more likely to occur on the bottom of the foot. The clinic explains this is often due to environmental factors. Since HPV flourishes in warm, damp areas, those who enter communal changing rooms and other environments with a higher risk of exposure are more likely to step on infected surfaces. Cuts make it much easier for the virus to take hold, but moist feet can also increase the likelihood of infection. This can lead to plantar warts (which are not the same as callouses or corns)

In about 50% of cases, a plantar wart will resolve without treatment, but it is recommended that they be treated as soon as possible because the infection can still be transmitted to other parts of the body (or to other people). This is also why the clinic recommends that people wash their hands well after touching their feet.

The Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center says this is another reason the clinic decided to invest in Saorsa’s wart removal system. Swift utilizes microwave technology to safely and accurately target the wart itself. This enhanced accuracy means it does not affect the surrounding skin or tissue at all, and the patient will notably not require any anesthetic post-procedural dressings. The microwaves also serve to stimulate the patient’s immune system, and this is largely why the treatment is so effective at preventing the formation of new plantar warts.

According to the clinic, patients typically report feeling a minor sensation during the procedure, similar to a small scratch or an injection. There is no other pain, and these sensations also fade rapidly, lasting no more than a handful of seconds. Further the patient will be able to resume their regular activity as soon as a session is complete. At the Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center, many simply walk out once they are done.

However, the clinic acknowledges that patients will have many questions about this treatment. As such, they encourage all interested parties to contact their office and schedule a consultation. During a consultation, a patient will have an opportunity to discuss treatment options with their podiatrist. The Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center is confident that all patients will share their team’s appreciation for the Saorsa wart removal system once they understand what it is capable of and what it has to offer.

The clinic states, “At Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center, we believe an informed patient is better equipped for making decisions regarding their lower extremity concerns.” More information regarding the clinic’s full range of services can be found on its website as well. Additionally, those dealing with plantar warts are advised to schedule a consultation by calling or emailing the clinic today (the clinic is currently open to new patients).


For more information about Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center , contact the company here:

Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center
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