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North Shore wine bar Pazzo Di Vino is urging the residents from Lake County, North Shore Chicago, Highland Park, Highwood, and surrounding suburbs to check out the exquisite wine tasting and fine dining experiences that it offers.

A spokesperson for Pazzo Di Vino talks about its offerings by saying, “The Great North Shore is home to Chicago’s finest suburbs and Illinois’s hardest working individuals. They chose the North Shore to settle because the area offers the peace they crave that is impossible to find in Chicago. People from the North Shore have an appreciation for the finer things in life and, here at Pazzo Di Vino, we are doing our best to provide them with the indulgence that is worth their time. The wine tasting experience that we offer is unparalleled due to the cozy atmosphere at our restaurant that perfectly matches the deep and rich flavors of our wine. We have created an ambiance here at Pazzo Di Vino that rivals the best fine dining establishments in the country. Our restaurant is the epitome of refinement as every room has been carefully crafted to offer something new and interesting for the senses. We have an expansive outdoor patio that is the perfect place to catch up with close friends and family while enjoying delicious warm servings of food in the cool but comfortable windy Chicago summers. If you want to taste the wine in the same rustic interior reminiscent of the homes in Italian villages where the art of wine making was perfected, you are invited to spend some time in our Tasting Room. At Pazzo Di Vino, no day is uneventful and every interaction you have here is going to be a memory that lasts you forever.”

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Pazzo Di Vino firmly believes that wine connoisseurs who visit the North Shore winery are bound to be impressed by the mood created by the intimate restaurant space. Those who visit once and want to make the restaurant a part of their regular weekday or weekend rotation can sign up for the membership offered by the Pazzo di Vino wine club. The Pazzo di Vino Wine Club Membership offers a lot of perks that have proven to be quite popular with the winery’s most dedicated fans.

For example, members get access to member-only events. The members-only events are an excuse to mingle with other wine enthusiasts who are equally as passionate about the delightful drink. The members-only events open a whole new world of connections that can lead to lasting friendships with fellow North Shore residents. Moreover, wine club members also get discounts on Pazzo di Vino merchandise. Pazzo di Vino is one of the rare wineries that crushes, ferments, ages, and bottles its wine on-site. The wine menu, therefore, is a labor of love, and the wine club membership offers those who care for it score deep discounts on the winery’s merchandise.

There are three levels to the Pazzo di Vino Wine Club Membership. The three levels are named “Poco Pazzo”, “Pazzo”, and “Molto Pazzo” which translate to “Little Crazy”, “Crazy”, and “Very Crazy” respectively. All three membership levels offer 10% off merchandise and invitations to member-only events. The three levels also offer 5% off, 10% off, and 15% off all food, beverage, and private events respectively. Finally, Poco Pazzo members get access to 1 complimentary wine tasting per month and 1 bottle per month, Pazzo members get access to 2 complimentary wine tastings per month and 2 bottles per month, and Molto Pazzo members get access to 4 complimentary wine tastings per month and 4 bottles per month. The three levels cost $24 per month, $44 per month, and $78 per month respectively.

Pazzo Di Vino can be contacted at the phone number (847) 780-3448 or the email address info@pdvwines.com for inquiries. Readers who want to visit the North Shore wine bar can do so at the location 524 Sheridan Rd., Highwood, IL 60040.


For more information about Pazzo di Vino, contact the company here:

Pazzo di Vino
Laura Duggan
(847) 780-3448
524 Sheridan Rd
Highwood, IL 60040


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