Traverse City, MI, — Northern Michigan Vein Specialists have announced that their Traverse City location will now perform injectable BOTOX services for their patients. The addition of BOTOX furthers the practice’s mission of pairing medical vein care with other, more cosmetic focused services. With team members on staff getting ready to provide the services next month, NMVS continues their focus on improving patient care and providing specialized treatments that help patients improve their quality of life and self-confidence outside of a general medicine setting.

"While our focus has always been vein care, we have found that as patients' legs feel better that they gain more confidence,” said Brian Heeringa, M.D. FACS, owner and surgeon at NMVS. “Many of our patients who follow up medical vein treatments with cosmetic sclerotherapy are also seeking other options such as BOTOX and fillers to further their transformation back to their younger, healthier selves. It therefore made sense that we could offer these services for our patients so that they can get both treatments in the same location."

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists is a leading provider of minimally invasive vein and skin treatments that caters to both medical and cosmetic needs. Since its establishment in 2016, the practice has continuously evolved its treatments and modernized its comfortable office space. The practice has also extended its services with its advanced aesthetic treatment offerings. With a commitment to helping patients who are experiencing various venous conditions, the practice combines expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide signature treatments that alleviate pain and enhance the appearance of veins, fostering a healthier and more joyful life.

Physician’s Assistant- Certified Kali Vanstee will be providing the new BOTOX services at NMVS. She joined the practice after spending several years as a primary care provider, and has expanded her specialties under Dr. Heeringa, who is well known in venous medicine.

An injectable product in the category of neurotoxins, BOTOX contains botulinum toxin A. When injected into the target area, the toxin sends signals to the brain that cause it to cease muscle movement in the treated area. The lack of continuous contractions prevents and smooths the formation of dynamic wrinkles, which are common around the eyes, mouth, forehead, and more depending on the individual’s characteristic expressions. By offering BOTOX injectables, NMVS moves forward in their goal of expanding their aesthetic medicine side, something that patients have expressed is important to them.

The mood at NMVS’s Traverse City location was jovial, with palpable excitement about the launch of the new BOTOX services. With the addition of the new services, the NMVS team hopes to see new and returning patients visit the practice.

Both Cadillac and Traverse City NMVS locations are open and taking appointments for new and existing patients. Injectable services will be available within the next month, with further product services planned for 2024.

About Northern Michigan Vein Specialists

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists is a premier vein-focused practice with locations in Cadillac and Traverse City. Led by esteemed surgeon Dr. Brian Heeringa, NMVS offers both medical and cosmetic vein treatments. With excellent technology and a team that’s known for their committed care, NMVS provides services for lesser-known vein conditions and illnesses. Over time, the clinic's focus has expanded beyond reducing vein visibility to encompass a growing array of aesthetic options, including sclerotherapy to radiofrequency ablation.

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Northern Michigan Vein Specialists have announced they will start offering BOTOX injectables to patients starting in August, expanding their aesthetic services beyond vein care.


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