Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is happy to announce the launch of their website and wants to emphasize that they use evidence-based therapies, unlike many other rehabs in Nevada. With the exact details of the location still to be announced, their team has sought to establish one of the best inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers in Nevada by applying the same rigorous and evidenced-based practices they have used in New Mexico that have achieved high customer satisfaction.

With their innovative approaches to making treatment accessible to as many people as possible and their evidence-based methods, Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada is one of the best rehabs in Nevada. They will also be accepting many types of private health insurance, including some forms of Medicaid in Nevada. Their initial focus will be on offering intensive outpatient services, and then gradually moving towards their planned opening of comprehensive medical detox facilities. With this, potential clients in Nevada can rest assured that they will be getting the same quality and accessibility that the Icarus facility in New Mexico has been known for.

A couple outside a fountain in Las Vegas found recovery with the help of Icarus Behavioral Health in Nevada

A spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada says, “Whether you are suffering from mental health disorders or addiction, or require dual diagnosis treatment, the clinical staff at our facilities are among the most compassionate and expert of all drug and alcohol treatment centers in Nevada. From the second you step through our doors, Icarus Behavioral Health will help you past withdrawal symptoms and craft your customized path to recovery, with an attention to detail that surpasses that of other Nevada rehab facilities. If you want to find treatment for drugs and alcohol in NV, check us out.”

Every aspect of the physical location and setting of Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada has been designed to offer a friendly and affirming care environment for every client. With their excellent campus and attractive surroundings, they expect to continue to hire more of the best and brightest professionals in the fields of behavioral health and addiction treatment.

They want to stress that the Icarus Difference signifies enhanced access to care through cutting-edge approaches that cover the entire spectrum of care in order to achieve better results for those who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. All throughout the client’s recovery journey, from the beginning to the end, and ongoing practice in everyday life, Icarus is committed to providing a guiding hand to each and every one of their client at every step of the way, no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Their tailor-fitted approach to evidence-based rehab treatment considers the holistic aspects of care by performing a thorough evaluation and coordination with each client. As such, their team advocates involvement and recovery for the whole person.

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada provides evidence-based rehab treatment services for residents of Nevada. Their compassionate staff members strive to leverage the strengths of their location, especially with the beautiful landscape of Nevada to provide a better recovery experience for each of their clients. They combine evidence-based practices and integrative therapies to offer the most effective treatments for mental health and addiction problems. They provide a full range of care for people who are 18 years old and above. And they offer premier-level inpatient detox and psychiatric stabilization via outpatient programs and continuing care.

A spokesperson for Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada says, “With both newly constructed and specifically repurposed facilities designed to meet the demand for high-quality behavioral health in Nevada, the team at Icarus Behavioral Health seeks to make each client welcome, as well as offer a setting that enables their recovery to proceed without delay.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the rehab services provided by Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada and what to do when using forms of health insurance coverage for rehab can check out their website. Those who would like to know more about bed availability can contact them via email. More information will be provided to the public as they open their facilities through the first quarter of 2023.


For more information about Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada, contact the company here:

Icarus Behavioral Health Nevada


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