Boerne, TX based Blingle Premier Lighting is helping customers bring their outdoor spaces to life with personalized lighting rigs. The company offers a comprehensive service that includes the planning, installation, maintenance and removal of lighting solutions, and customers receive the benefit of expert advice as well as premium products.

“The average home or business owner will have some idea of what they want their property to look like,” the company says, “but few understand what it takes to bring those ideas into the real world. We, however, are accustomed to taking even the most disparate of ideas and forming them into a cohesive whole. If you have the beginning of a concept in mind but aren’t sure if you should call us, we advise you to get in touch anyway. We have worked with countless customers over the years, and we can help you piece together a design that satisfies you completely. Once you are sure of what you want, you can rely on our team to execute it perfectly. We believe in doing the job right.”

Blingle Premier Lighting has built a strong reputation for delivering a premium service, bolstered by excellent customer support and an unwavering commitment to using nothing but the best products on the market. When a customer chooses Blingle, they can expect the resulting installation to be performed in a highly professional manner, and the lighting solution itself will always be calibrated to remain on for the full duration of their use. The company is particularly proud to offer a No Lights Out Guarantee — in the unlikely event a light goes out, customers are welcome to get in touch with a Blingle representative to have a specialist out to repair it as soon as possible. According to the company, their team always aims to have a light repaired or replaced within 48 hours of being informed of its failure.

A homeowner or business may be interested in an outdoor lighting solution for any of a variety of reasons. In the weeks leading up to a major holiday, for instance, the company says many customers call in to have festive lighting installed to brighten up their property. Most recently, many Texans sought Blingle out for help installing Christmas lights, and the company will soon be making the rounds to remove these lighting solutions as well (a service that can be included or scheduled in the original agreement).

However, Blingle says their team can install more permanent solutions that have a more functional purpose, transforming a property into an illuminated wonderland once the sun goes down. Many will be familiar with such solutions being used at local stores and malls, but these are far from the only types of properties that can benefit from a suitable lighting installation. The company points out that they exclusively utilize professional grade lighting products and technology, giving customers the unbeatable combination of superior brightness, longevity and efficiency. These premium LED/RGB products, the company adds, deliver more than twice the lumen brightness of their nearest competitor.

While most Christmas installations take only a handful of hours to complete, Blingle says customers should talk to their team for a more accurate estimate of their own solution’s installation period (be it for a holiday or other reason). A variety of factors contribute to the length of time an installation can take, though the company acknowledges that many homeowners are likely to be satisfied with less intricate designs than they might have wanted for the holidays.

Scheduling a free consultation is as easy as reaching out to the company via phone or email. Given more information on their services is available on their website (including a gallery of their past projects), customers may wish to start here and use the built-in Contact features to get in touch as well.

Blingle has developed a 7-step process that ensures each project is executed perfectly in line with a customer’s expectations, and the design consultation is merely the first stage of this process. Premier outdoor lighting company Blingle! of Texas Hill Country is always pleased to talk to any customer who wishes to learn more.


For more information about Blingle Premier Lighting, contact the company here:

Blingle Premier Lighting
41205 I-10 Bldg D, Boerne, TX 78006


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