Walnut Creek, CA based Diablo Foot & Ankle is now offering the Saorsa wart removal treatment to their patients. The clinic recently took possession of Swift, the Saorsa wart removal system and they are pleased to confirm that it will now be used to treat patients for stubborn warts and so on. See more here: https://www.diablofootankle.com/.

Swift’s arrival at the clinic brings with it a number of extraordinary advantages that benefit patients as well as Diablo Foot & Ankle. Patients, for instance, will be able to undergo this groundbreaking treatment that targets warts with microwave energy with incredible accuracy, removing them completely in only a few sessions.

Plantar warts are caused by an infection with HPV that takes hold in the outer layer of skin on the sole of the feet. The period for which a wart remains can vary drastically (between a few months to a few years), and certain patients may find that the position or even shape of their warts can cause a high degree of discomfort, even sharp pain when doing certain activities, such as standing or walking.

Some patients prefer to get rid of warts simply to remove an unsightly blemish, but others will pursue treatment simply to walk or run again without pain. Whatever a patient’s reasons may be, Swift is considered by many to be the best solution available.

Diablo Foot & Ankle’s patients will quickly notice that treatments with Swift are the fastest they have ever experienced for this type of condition. Previously, they may have had to undergo a form of burning, cryotherapy, applications with topical solutions and even surgery to get rid of a wart, but these treatments can take weeks to work. Further, they can be quite painful.

However, a session with Swift lasts around 10 minutes in most cases, and the patient will likely have to visit only once or twice more (after a few weeks have passed) to complete their treatment and fully eliminate the wart in question. During the procedure, they will also feel no pain — most report feeling a small poke, similar to an injection, at most. They will be able to stand up and walk out to resume their regular activities almost immediately.

The clinic invites patients to get in touch with their office in order to inquire further about the Saorsa wart removal system. As with all the services they offer, the clinic maintains a policy of complete honesty and transparency, and they are more than happy to settle all a patient’s concerns well before treatment is ever scheduled.

As one patient says, “I had an amazing experience with Diablo Foot & Ankle! The front office was very friendly and got me in with short notice to help with my issue. I saw Dr. Essapoor, who was extremely patient, explained everything, and as a nursing mother catered his care to ensure that any procedure or medication given was super safe for me and my baby. He was very kind and called the next day to check in on me and dealt with my many questions regarding care. I very much appreciate a good doctor when I come across them, and deserves mention. Thank you for the excellent care :) My toe is much better!”

Patients also share that the clinic is always open to hearing them out in order to understand their concerns. They say this is paired with a willingness to explain the context behind certain issues, their treatments, and so on to ensure a patient can make informed decisions regarding their care.

“I needed a revision from bunion surgery that I had almost 40 years ago,” comments another patient. “I was referred to Dr. Elmi, and he was great at explaining exactly what was needed to fix the problem. After my initial visit, he sent me to have an X-ray. He made me feel very confident about what he needed to do to fix my toe, and we discussed scheduling surgery at the beginning of next year.”

An appointment can be scheduled over the phone or via Diablo Foot & Ankle’s official website. The clinic can also be reached via social media.


For more information about Diablo Foot & Ankle, contact the company here:

Diablo Foot & Ankle
Dr. Eman Elmi
(415) 531-1105
2637 Shadelands Drive Suite H San Francisco CA 94598 United States


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