NC based Wilmington Realty Property Management would like to offer their property management services to the communities of Wilmington as well as the surrounding areas of Kings Grant, Hampstead, Porters Neck and more. They would also like to announce that they now have lockboxes on each property and that tenants can schedule showings online. In addition, tenants have been able to benefit from using the online payment portal, and landlords are now able to view financial reports of rental income and expenses along with tenant activity through the website.

The company offers a variety of services centered around property management. These services range from tenant screening and setting rental rates to maintaining rental properties. Their services take away much of the stress associated with managing a piece of property, leaving landlords to focus on other activities.

“When it comes to securing quality and reliable tenants, tenant screening is an important part of property management company services,” the service says. “This process helps landlords identify potential problems before they arise. It can also give landlords crucial information about an applicant's employment, credit history, criminal record and previous landlords. It also reduces the rate of tenant turnover. Moreover, it protects landlords from certain liabilities. Tenant screening companies look up the background and employment history of prospective tenants. They also check for credit history, eviction records and rental history. They will also find out if the person is responsible and pays the rent on time. Moreover, they'll look up if they've had any problems with previous landlords.”

Rent collection is one of the most important aspects of property management. As the number of residential rentals continues to grow, having an efficient rent collection system in place is essential. Tenants with a reputation for being difficult when it comes to rent have been known to pay their rent soon after receiving a call from the management company reminding them of their financial obligation. Wilmington Realty Property Management uses a number of methods of rent collection, but the end result is always the landlord receiving their money on time.

Landlords are not always in the best position to set rental rates as they do not always know what the going rate is for a piece of property like theirs. Setting a rate that is too high may discourage people from renting while setting it too low means the landlord makes less money than they could be making otherwise. Wilmington helps with this by setting competitive rates that maximize profits while minimizing vacancies. Additionally, making a rental property look attractive can greatly increase the amount the landlord can charge in rentals while also making it so more people are willing to rent the property, and Wilmington can help with this too by offering advice based on their years of industry experience.

A number of landlords and renters have put their properties in the capable hands of Wilmington’s property management team. One renter, Austin Lucas, says that he, “Recently moved to the Wilmington area with my new job. My employer had me in a hotel for 3 weeks while I searched for a home. With the market as tough as it is in this area, I was finding it hard to find a good home for a fair price. I called Wilmington realty on my lunch break one day and spoke with Henrietta. I explained to her my situation and told her which home I was extremely interested in. She encouraged me to drive to their office right then so she could give me a key to tour. She then emailed me a link to the application and helped me every step of the way. I moved in less than a week later! Henrietta was amazing and showed genuine care for my roommate and me. She was extremely helpful and a blessing during such an urgent time. Highly recommend Wilmington Realty!”

A landlord, Patrick McVeigh, similarly says about the property management company, “Wilmington Realty managed our property for 18 years until we recently sold it. It was a trouble-free experience from day one. I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a property management company in the Wilmington area.”

For more information about property managers, Wilmington, NC, visit the company’s website. The team can also be reached via phone or email.


For more information about Wilmington Realty Property Management, contact the company here:

Wilmington Realty Property Management
Rebecca Hall
1405 S 39th St, Wilmington, NC 28403


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