Remington Tattoo Parlor, based in San Diego, CA, would like to talk about their art and what makes them one of the most prominent names in the area. Located at 2009 Myrtle Avenue in San Diego, the tattoo parlor is home to some of the most talented, experienced and passionate tattoo artists in the region. They specialize in illustrative tattooing, tradition, black and gray, full color, biomechanical and more. Clients are invited to browse the parlor’s gallery where they will find some of the best tattoo work of any artist in the city.

“Remington Tattoo Parlor is a combination of industrial/modern meets an apothecary/artist’s studio,” says the San Diego tattoo shop. “Our aim is to create a memorable experience that combines tradition and nostalgia with a modern, clean environment. We always utilize the highest quality supplies and sterilization techniques in our work. Among the most original in the city, our shop manifests the soul of our aesthetic and work. Meet the artists and find the one that is right for you and your tattoo. Visit our website’s ‘latest work’ page to see some of the tattoos and behind-the-scenes shots that don’t make it to our portfolios. To schedule an appointment with one of our artists at Remington, please contact us today.”

The tattoo parlor’s artists are passionate about art, especially body art, and each one of them combines their artistic abilities to design, develop and produce custom tattoos that match the client’s vision and style. They understand that a tattoo is something to be worn permanently, each piece should be something that the client can wear with pride for the rest of their lives. This is why they take every piece seriously. They put just as much effort into large and intricate pieces as small simple ones. Body art, the way Remington’s artists see it, is the highest form of art, passion, freedom and individuality. Each artist has a unique background and distinct style, and their portfolios are available online to browse. Clients can get in contact with the artists individually or contact the shop to book a session.

The process of getting a tattoo at Remington Tattoo Parlor is fairly simple. The client calls or sends an email to the shop, after which the artist schedules a consultation to discuss the client’s ideas in person. Consultations generally take between half an hour and one hour, and once the concept and design has been discussed, the client pays a deposit to schedule their appointment.

A number of clients have left excellent reviews of the tattoo parlor online, praising the artists for their excellent work. One client, G. Tsuji, had this to say about the tattoo parlor, “Terry did my lower sleeve 10 years ago. I just had him add to it on my bicep and shoulder to make it a full sleeve. As always, I’m super happy with the work. I’m blown away with his talent and skills. This recent piece was in memory of my dad who passed away 3 years ago. Never planned on doing a sleeve in 2 parts, 10 years apart, but Terry was able to blend it in perfectly together and cover up some really old tattoos from 20 years ago while we were at it. Bonus points for being a really cool guy to talk to while you sit there all day.”

Another client, R. Tiedemann, left a review stating, “Remington is such a great tattoo parlor. It's full of extremely talented artists, each with their own unique and professional style. It is clear there is a standard for the quality of the tattoos and the artist themselves, and that quality is excellent! I have had multiple visits with Jasmine now, and I have finally found a tattoo artist I trust, appreciate and really like! I also brought my husband for his first tattoo. He can't get over how amazing it is! Jasmine is not only a fantastic artist, but she's fun, great to chat with and honest. She is quick but extremely thorough and her tattoos are beautiful. She is gentle as you can be with a needle, and she is very aware of her clients feelings, pausing as needed and constantly communicating. She, like the rest of the staff are amazing artists and run a well-oiled machine and give vibrant, lasting tattoos! This shop is amazing and highly recommended!”

For more information, visit the tattoo shop’s official website.


For more information about Remington Tattoo Parlor, contact the company here:

Remington Tattoo Parlor
Terry Ribera
3009 Myrtle Ave
San Diego
CA 92104


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