With only 12 deaths reported as of mid-August, some people are only just now becoming aware of the potential monkeypox pandemic.

MedShadow Foundation recently published an FAQ regarding the Monkeypox outbreak in and around the country. With important updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as helpful tips about avoiding exposure, the article aims to inform the public, free from any big pharma influence or misinformation.

Included with the frequently asked questions about the disease, MedShadow noted that, while children were previous victims in other countries, the newest cases in the U.S. have largely impacted males having sexual intercourse with other males. The spread of the virus may be widening. Women have also contracted the virus, which is spread by close contact and not exclusively via sexual relations.

A number of people who have contracted the disease have reported mild symptoms. In many cases the disease runs its course and resolves on its own within a few weeks. Others who have come down with monkeypox do experience higher levels of pain, with some requesting pain relievers to help lessen the pain from the disease.

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