Visavie, based in Montreal, Quebec, was recently acquired by Spectrum Health Care, in partnership with Novacap. The acquisition of the seniors’ services provider is Spectrum’s first venture outside of Ontario, and it represents the company’s latest step in their mission to give Canadians a complete range of options when it comes to being cared for at home. See more here: Spectrum Health Care Acquires Quebec-based Seniors' Services Provider Visavie.

“We are excited to join a leader and an innovator in home health care,” said Visavie President Louis Sirois. “Spectrum’s decades of service delivery expertise, quality culture, risk management and clinical practices combined with Visavie’s unique services offering will enable us to deliver greater value for our clients and their families.” Visavie itself has served the senior community for more than 30 years, and their advisors have worked long and hard to ensure that families have all the resources they need to make informed decisions regarding the care of their elderly loved ones. Notably, the company has always made strong efforts to accommodate the needs of seniors who found themselves unable to make the transition to a retirement home. Regardless of their reasons, such seniors received support that enabled them the greatest degree of safety and independence possible outside a professional retirement center. This capability is what brought the company to Spectrum’s attention.

“We are very pleased to welcome Visavie to the Spectrum family,” said Spectrum Health Care President and CEO Sandra Ketchen. “This acquisition will enable Spectrum to bring our Total Care Model to Quebec and to expand our services in Ontario, providing seniors with the services they need, whenever care is required, delivered by the most qualified and compassionate staff, and knowledgeable and professional advisors.”

Spectrum strongly believes that everyone should be able to choose home care without compromise, receiving virtually every amenity they would enjoy in a professional medical setting from the comfort of the home they have already established lives and memories in. Many people also prefer to continue their lives in the environment they are most familiar with. Spectrum seeks to support choices of this nature without reservation, providing the personal support, medical care and other specialized services a senior would need to live their lives as they please with confidence.

For their part, Visavie understands that it can be incredibly difficult to make such a decision without first understanding every option there is. Since they also support everyone’s right to choose the type of health care they receive, they wish to make it easier for their community to compare every option at their disposal. With Visavie’s assistance and advice, anyone can quickly compare senior housing options and their benefits with comparative ease — and ultimately determine whether a retirement community or home care is more suitable for their circumstances. See more here: Find A Retirement Home In Ontario.

According to Visavie, Ontario offers a number of retirement living options that are designed to address specific needs. This includes independent living and assisted living for seniors, memory care communities, nursing homes (also known as long-term care homes) and so on. Memory care communities, for instance, ensure that seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease (or any other type of dementia) receive adequate support that takes this condition into account. In addition to a safe and secure environment that minimizes the typical risks seniors face (such as falls), such communities may cater more towards providing psychological and emotional support.

Each senior is different, so Visavie says it is inadvisable to treat any option as a one-size-fits-all solution. Along with their medical needs, their personalities and preferences must be taken into account as well, and this may drastically influence which option best meets their needs. Fortunately, Visavie is here to help, and they now have the full backing of Spectrum Health Care.

Both seniors and their loved ones can rest assured that they need not make this important decision in the dark. Visavie is free — and available around the clock — and all are welcome to get in touch with one of the organization’s advisors in Ontario if they need help finding an appropriate retirement home or other facility.


For more information about Visavie, contact the company here:

Laurent Sirois
1-888 847-2843
1474 Rue Fleury E, Montreal, Quebec H2C 1S1


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