Clinton Township, MI-based Miller's Home Improvement is advising homeowners to have their roofs repaired if they are preparing to sell their homes. The structural integrity and curb appeal of a property both contribute to its value, and the roof is no exception. The company has published a new blog detailing why this is the case and what homeowners can do to rectify any issues with their roofs in time for a sale.

Keen-eyed buyers will always want to know whether a house is in top condition, so a damaged roof can reduce their willingness to move in. The blog post notes, “Buyers only want to move into a home they're purchasing and deal with few or no issues afterward. It can be a huge hassle to replace your roof before selling your home, but the returns are worth the time and effort. You can easily find qualified leads willing to purchase and not back out of purchasing your property.”

One of the foremost advantages afforded by a fully intact home is the fact that the seller will retain all of their negotiating power as they begin discussions with a potential buyer. Were there any damage or wear and tear that had not been addressed, a buyer may be able to argue that they would have to invest further in repairs upon purchasing the home, thereby necessitating a lower price to account for this. Similarly, fewer people want to deal with the hassle of conducting repairs immediately after buying a new property. Even if they can easily afford it, the inconvenience alone may make the house less attractive for purchase.

Miller's Home Improvement adds that a new roof is one factor sellers can use to increase their asking price, especially if it came with a transferable warranty. Given the recent nature of such an investment, it would be much harder for buyers to negotiate from a position of strength, particularly if the rest of the property had been remodeled as well. Further, a new roof contributes greatly to curb appeal, which has a noticeable effect on buyers’ purchasing decisions.

While repairs may not produce the same effect, an intact and fully functional roof is still preferable to one that still has visible problems. Homeowners are strongly advised to consider repairs if a full replacement is not feasible. Get started here: Roof Repair in Clinton Township.

There are other reasons to get a new roof, however, that would benefit the homeowner regardless of whether they intend to sell the property at some point. The company points out, “If your roof is old and in bad shape, it’s not doing a good job of protecting your home from the elements. A new roof will keep your home dry and free from leaks, and it will help to insulate your home and keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This can save you money on your energy bills and make your home more comfortable to live in. Additionally, a new roof will help to protect your home from weather damage, such as wind, hail, and rain.”

Those looking to buy a home will naturally want to be assured of these benefits as well, among others. For instance, a new roof is much less likely to need frequent maintenance, reducing the cost associated with constant repairs to account for excessive wear and tear. Further, an old or leaky roof will not protect the structure beneath either. In addition to suffering more damage to itself as time goes on, a leaky roof can allow structural damage to the rest of the home, necessitating much more costly repairs. Whether a home is to be sold or not, it is always wise to make sure the roof is serving its purpose.

More details are offered in the full Miller's Home Improvement blog post, and the company encourages interested parties to get in touch with the team directly if they wish to learn more. The company is accustomed to helping homeowners bring their roofs up to full working order (or replacing them entirely if necessary), and they look forward to doing the same for years to come. Miller’s Home Improvement can be reached via phone or email.


For more information about Miller's Home Improvement, contact the company here:

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