Elite Foot & Ankle Associates, a podiatry practice in Sandy, OR, is pleased to announce their acquisition of a Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine for use in plantar warts treatment. This is a groundbreaking therapy machine used for treating skin conditions. It benefits from the unique features of microwaves, particularly in quickly raising the temperature of the affected tissue, which then stimulates the natural immune system to do its work against the plantar warts—more information about this podiatry practice by visiting their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/elitefootandankleassociates.

Plantar warts are growths on the surface of the skin of the soles of the feet and just like other kinds of warts, they are due to the human papilloma virus. Thus, they are contagious and can spread from one person to another. That is why the applicator of the Swift therapy machine that is shaped like a pen to allow easy directing of the microwaves where they need to go, has a disposable tip. This tip has to be replaced with a new one for each new treatment session. This revolutionary machine, to ensure safety and prevent cross-contamination, has an in-built sensor that detects if the tip has not been replaced with a new one, in which case it will not turn on.

The Saorsa Swift machine, which was developed in the UK and was only recently approved by the FDA for use in the United States, applies a low dose of microwave energy to the affected tissue that penetrates deep inside the tissue to reach the root-like growths that support the plantar wart and make it very difficult to eradicate it using medication applied on the surface of the skin. Those who would like to know more about Elite Foot & Ankle Associates can also check their Twitter page at https://twitter.com/doctorfeetgood.

For those who are concerned about the Swift microwave treatment causing pain, patients have noted minor pain that they described to be similar to a minor scratch or injection. This sensation only lasts for the few seconds that the microwaves are being used. Since it only takes a few seconds to raise the temperature of the affected tissue, a treatment session with the Swift machine will only last a few minutes compared to the usual hour-long treatment session. And there will be no need for bandages or dressings, allowing the patient to return to their daily chores as if nothing happened.

For those who are concerned about the safety of the Swift microwave therapy machine, it should be noted that it has been approved by the FDA and that it only applies a low dosage of microwave energy on the affected tissue. In addition, it has been designed to make it easy to precisely direct the microwaves to avoid inadvertently directing them to healthy tissue. Furthermore, microwaves have been used in medicine for more than 30 years.

Founded in 2018, Elite Foot & Ankle Associates offers the services of Drs. Trevor Haynes, DPM, and Tyler Belnap, DPM AACFAS. They offer the highest standard of podiatry care in Sandy, OR, and neighboring areas. Dr. Haynes obtained his medical degree in 2012, after which he moved to Houston, where he finished a three-year foot and ankle reconstructive surgery residency at West Houston Medical Center. In 2015, after finishing his residency, Dr. Haynes moved to Brookings, South Dakota, and joined a medical practice where he performed several hammertoes, bunion, and other foot and ankle surgeries. After almost three years in South Dakota, he moved to Oregon. Dr. Belnap earned his podiatry degree from the Midwestern University in Phoenix, AZ, and completed his residency at Northwell Health - Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He obtained advanced training in rearfoot and ankle surgeries. He practiced for two years in Vancouver, WA, before joining Elite Foot & Ankle Associates.

Those who would like to know more about the Saorsa Swift machine approach for treating plantar warts and other podiatry services provided by Elite Foot & Ankle Associates can visit their website at https://elitefaor.com/ or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


For more information about Elite Foot & Ankle Associates, contact the company here:

Elite Foot & Ankle Associates
Dr. Trevor J. Haynes DPM
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