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Ship Vehicles, a company based in San Diego, CA, wants to highlight their shipping vehicle service where they make it easy for clients to ship their car across the country. Shipping a car across the country is actually a dangerous task that can be costly. A car transportation company may be used as it offers several advantages, such as: the assurance that the vehicle is safe during its journey; savings from not having to buy gas required to drive the automobile across the country; savings from not using a trailer to transport the vehicle, which can be costly and dangerous, and assurance that the vehicle is safely delivered to its destination at the date and time that is specified.

It is important to note that the cost of shipping a car across the country will depend on a number of factors. These include: the season of the year when to ship the vehicle; whether shipping between two metropolitan areas or shipping to a rural area; whether the vehicle is inoperable or immobile; whether using open or enclosed transport; the time when to ship the vehicle; the distance to be traveled; and the size of the vehicle to be transported.

Ship Vehicles

Naturally, there is the option of driving one’s vehicle across the country, but this can be dangerous and may actually be more expensive compared to using a car shipping company. When considering this option, it is important to determine the distance, the roadside help that may be needed, and the traffic patterns in those areas where one will be driving through. It may turn out that the fuel costs alone may be more costly when compared to having an auto transport company transport the vehicle. In addition, there is the time it would take to drive the car cross-country.

Ship Vehicles points out that hiring a car shipping service will require four easy steps. The first step is to request for an auto transport quote. Through their website at, one can get a quote from one of their shipping advisors or by calling their office. After choosing a particular price, it will require just a few clicks to book the shipment. The second step is making sure the car is ready for cross-country transport. It is essential to share the physical condition of the car, its mileage, and whether it is in running condition. This will ensure that the car transporters will make sure the car is protected and safe during the transport.

If the vehicle has been damaged before the shipping, it important to disclose this to the auto shipping company. They usually take note of damaged vehicles during open car transport. The motor carrier needs to know which care are running and which are inoperable. Inoperable vehicles may need a winch, which will increase the cost of shipping. In addition, modified cars will have to be assessed using a car shipping cost calculator.

The third step is to get ready for the pick up of the car. Clients will not need to worry about their vehicle because Ship Vehicles will make sure the vehicle is safe during transport cross-country. They will provide a schedule and the client can monitor the shipment. The fourth and final step is to have the vehicle picked up at its destination. The truck driver will evaluate the physical condition of the care at the drop-off point.

Ship Vehicles has been a leading provider of cross-country shipping services for individuals and businesses all throughout North America for more than 30 years. Michael Thomas founded Ship Vehicles as a result of his personal experience when he trying to move a new state for work. Every moving company he evaluated had a defect, such as bad references, difficult scheduling, unqualified workers, expensive pricing, inability to move delicate or sensitive items, and limited destination sites. He chose a company that he believed is trustworthy. Unfortunately, the moving company lost a number of his furniture and damaged his vehicle. It was then that Michael decided to establish a company that would provide reliable, flexible, consistent, quality, and affordable services, which he did achieve with Ship Vehicles.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the vehicle shipping services provided can learn about Ship Vehicles through their website or contact them on the phone or by email.


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