Shots Gained, the groundbreaking mobile application aimed at enhancing golfers' skills, has been officially launched on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. This innovative app provides golfers with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, promising to unlock the secret to perfect practice and lower scores.

Through Shots Gained, golfers can bid farewell to unproductive practice sessions. The app offers a disciplined practice methodology, meticulously developed by a dedicated team of experts, ensuring improvement in all aspects of the game.

Shots Gained is the #1 Golf Practice App

The timing of Shots Gained's launch coincides perfectly with the highly anticipated Open Championship at Royal Liverpool. Leveraging advanced statistical measurement and data sharing capabilities, the app provides valuable insights to optimize practice time and address weaknesses. Whether users are seasoned professionals, weekend warriors, or newcomers to the game, Shots Gained serves as the ideal tool to enhance performance and achieve lower scores. Say goodbye to expensive coaching and welcome Shots Gained as the trusted golf buddy.

What sets Shots Gained apart is its commitment to delivering real results. The app boldly promises a refund if users do not witness improvement in their game. The team behind Shots Gained possesses utmost confidence in its ability to elevate the golfing experience and assist users in achieving their goals. Guided by the mission statement of "To Dramatically Reduce the Global Handicap Index," the service offers affordable pricing accessible to all.

Catering to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, Shots Gained harnesses state-of-the-art technology to track shots, analyze performance, and provide personalized recommendations for improvement. By utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Shots Gained offers accurate and insightful data, revolutionizing golfers' understanding of their own game.

The user-friendly interface of Shots Gained allows for easy input and tracking of scores, greens in regulation, fairways hit, and other key statistics. The app generates comprehensive reports and visualizations, offering users a clear overview of their strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this knowledge, golfers can focus their practice sessions on the areas that require the most attention, ensuring maximum improvement in minimal time.

In addition, Shots Gained fosters a sense of community, enabling users to connect and compete with fellow golfers from around the world. The app facilitates progress sharing, friendly competitions, and the opportunity to learn from the collective knowledge of the Shots Gained community. This supportive environment motivates golfers to reach new heights and excel in their game.

Golfers are encouraged to embrace the golfing revolution and let Shots Gained serve as their guiding light to success on the course. They can download the app today from the Apple App Store or Google Play to unlock their full potential. Whether their aspirations involve winning championships or simply finding more enjoyment in the game, Shots Gained will faithfully accompany them throughout their golfing journey. It's time to bid farewell to guesswork and fully embrace the power of data-driven improvement. With Shots Gained, golfers can take control of their game and pave the way to success.


For more information about Shots Gained LTD, contact the company here:

Shots Gained LTD
Duncan Moore
+44 (0) 1451 810634
3a Hawthorne Court
Bourton Link
GL54 2HQ
United Kingdom


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