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Sky High Media, a company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has revealed that they have recently announced an online training program for entrepreneurs and business owners to allow them to learn about artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its possible applications in business. The program covers everything from the basics to the advanced strategies and presents the leading AI apps, both free and paid. It offers expert insights, valuable information, and access to a supportive community that can help members comprehend and use AI tools for improving their businesses. This community also serves as a forum for members to share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with others who are using AI for business development.

Stephen Iervella, founder and technical director of Sky High Media, says, “We’re really excited with AI supporting web apps and online marketing. Intelligent machines that are capable of learning and interacting with humans through natural language processing can offer a much better future with countless possibilities.”

Web 3.0, which is also called the Semantic Web, is the next big step in the evolution of the Internet, offering more privacy, openness, and user empowerment. Web 3.0 apps are expected to attain a higher degree of security and interoperability through the construction of a decentralized infrastructure, which eliminates the need for central servers. Thus, Web 3.0 apps will be running on distributed blockchain and cloud networks.

Web 3.0 is expected to result into a digital network where machines are able to communicate with users and other machines. AI can help with this by offering deep learning algorithms and analytic capabilities. Deep learning algorithms will be used to train the AI machines to recognize various kinds of content and attribute meaning to them. With such an arrangement, search engines will not just suggest the most popular content but have a basic understanding of the content, thus significantly improving the user experience.

And natural language processing (NLP) will also play a vital role in the semantic web by allowing AI machines to gradually comprehend online communication with humans. Some of the most exciting elements of NLP is the development of AI-powered chatbots that can automate customer support processes.

Another important potential development is that the use of AI algorithms will allow advertising companies to analyze significantly larger data and take into account more factors when personalizing user ads. The decentralized nature of the Web 3.0 will give back users control of their data, who have the option to share their data to advertisers, who will then pay the users directly.

Web 3.0 is also expected to result into better content safety. Current human content safety indexing in Web 2.0 frequently results in inconsistent metadata because of subjective perspectives. AI can be used to get rid of the bias of the human mind, thereby resulting into a more consistent and reliable content metadata. Video content safety, in particular, is expected to improve significantly because the quantity of videos being released daily is so much more than the capability of human oversight. With the massive scalability of AI, this will greatly enhance the safety of video content.

Sky High Media was founded to offer digital marketing services. But having realized that AI will be playing a vital role in the next iteration of the Web, the company will now be focusing on the use of AI in online marketing and in website design. With AI predicted to have a huge impact on the digital marketing industry, Sky High Media hopes to remain at the leading edge of digital marketing where AI is used to help in comprehending and providing for specific client requirements. Now, with their AI Tool Academy, business owners and entrepreneurs would be able to stay ahead in the technological landscape.

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