Southeast Softwash LLC, a company based in Roanoke, AL, is pleased to announce that they have released their new titanium shooter tip for downstreaming and a soap tip for softwashing. The company is the largest provider of a range of softwashing equipment. Softwashing or low pressure cleaning has been growing in popularity because in contrast to conventional pressure washing, softwashing will not damage wood and sidings while they are being cleaned. Softwashing will also not leave any undesirable marks on concrete, stone, and brick. And to get rid of mold, mildew, and algae, chemicals are added to the water to kill them instead of simply blasting them off.

Newly released is the Titanium Tall Reach Tip (Shooter Tip) For 8-10 Gpm Anodized Blue / Purple Finish. This is used as a shooter tip for downstreaming. In downstreaming, the chemicals or truck wash soaps are added to the water after the pump at low pressure. The effect is that the liquid detergents are combined with the water from the pressure washer pump to spray from the nozzle. Downstreaming equipment use the Venturi effect to suction water into a small section of the high-pressure hose to apply the liquid detergents. These require a reduction in pressure from the spray nozzle to create the Venturi effect. These systems have the advantage of prolonging the life of the pump and in minimizing corrosion. These are also typically less costly, are easier to operate, and will suck detergents at a stronger dilution rate. This particular shooter tip is to be used on on 8gpm-10gpm pressure washers or 10gpm softwash pumps. It is made from titanium, which means its weight is approximately 50 percent that of a stainless steel shooter tip.

Also available is the Titanium Tall Reach Tip (Shooter Tip) For 4-7 Gpm Anodized Blue / Purple Finish, which is used as a soap tip for pressure washing. It is to be used for on 4gpm-5.5gpm pressure washers or 5-7gpm softwash pumps. It also makes use of titanium as material, which means that compared to steel, it is lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant.

Southeast Softwash LLC introduced their equipment manufacturing division in 2018 and since then, they have evolved into the biggest turn-key equipment provider for softwashing in the world. The company offers softwashing components and supplies, including chemicals, wands/manifolds, pumps, hoses/hose reels, tips/nozzle holders, surface cleaners, and more.

Softwashing is becoming more and more popular because softwashing the exterior of a home or building offers many benefits. First of all, it can help enhance the home’s curb appeal, thus increasing its market value. Various kinds of weather can make the exterior of the house look shabby. Dirt and grime tend to accumulate on the home’s exterior over time, and eventually the house will have streaks, stains, and blotches on the sidings, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and more. And because the relatively low pressure provided by softwashing can get rid of all those dirt and stains while not damaging the wood and other materials, it can make the home appear like new once again. Another important benefit is that it can also help improve the health of members of the family and all those residing in the home because mold and mildew are eliminated.

Coty Yarbrough, CEO of Southeast Softwash LLC, says, “Our story begins in 1987 with my dad Lane Yarbrough. Dad began studying on why the asphalt shingles they built in the factory would start showing the ugly black streaks after a few years. Dad began experimenting with how to clean the roofs and the first successful roof cleaning was our own house in 1988. Fortunately for Dad, the factory had an on site chemist who was also working on this problem and gave Dad a few suggestions on the proper chemicals to start trying. Since that day, we’ve completed thousands of wash jobs and refined our processes to perfection.”

Those who are interested in soft wash system parts and supplies can check out the Southeast Softwash LLC website or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Southeast Softwash LLC, contact the company here:

Southeast Softwash LLC
Chesca Rev
Southeast Softwash LLC
59795 Hwy 22
Roanoke, AL 36274


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