Omaha, Nebraska’s iFoam Insulation is one of the most respected services of its type in the entire state. That’s because it features excellent insulation products to go along with exceptional customer service. But what this reputable company does goes well beyond just providing top-notch insulation services. It’s also an insulation services contractor that likes to help home and business owners in the Omaha area with their important insulation choices. That’s why those at this company wanted to take the time to go over the different interior roof insulation choices that are available in the marketplace.

A representative for iFoam says, “The roof of your home or business is one of the most important areas of that structure to have properly insulated. That’s because there is no area in a home or commercial building that is more responsible for heat and air conditioning loss. The problem is there are many interior roof insulation choices available, so it makes it difficult for home or business owners to know what to choose. So, selecting a proper roof insulation material was something that we felt was important to discuss in more detail.”

The company representative said that one of the most popular interior roof insulation materials has long been rock wool or fiberglass roll or batt insulation, even though that is something that is quickly changing as will be discussed later. This is especially true in commercial situations where a large area needs to be covered on a limited budget. It’s also a very easy material to trim and put in place, so for many years it was used almost exclusively in home attic spaces. He stated that the problem with batt insulation is since it does not adhere to a surface, it can shift or be easily knocked out of place. If it’s made of fiberglass, it will also cause itchy skin and is an eye and lung irritant. Critters also like to use it as nesting material, and it does not do a good job of plugging air gaps which are the main cause of roof heat and air conditioning loss. Before that insulation material became popular, people often used loose insulation which was made of fiberglass or recycles materials. It’s an insulation method that is hardly found in use anymore as it has a very low R-value (A measure of a material's insulating ability) and it is not hard to guess the other problems that go along with just throwing loose insulation all over the place in an area.

The company representative also brought up what’s called a Radiant barrier. These are sheets of aluminum that help insulate a roof by reflecting heat back toward the exterior of a roof. The biggest problem with these is that they are not great stand-alone insulation options, and they work best when combined with one of the other insulation materials mentioned here. That leads to what is now the number one choice in roof insulation material for a home or business. What’s called spray foam insulation. It’s an insulation that goes on roof surfaces as a liquid and then hardens enough to stay securely in place. Although this type of roof insulation material costs a little more than the other types that were mentioned, he says the many benefits that spray foam insulation offers make it worth it for most home or business owners. These benefits include its easy application on all shapes of interior roof surfaces, its ability to seal air gaps, its moisture resistance, and it even helps act as a noise barrier for sounds getting into a home or business. It also does not attract dust and other allergens or allow for easy entry into a home for bugs, insects, and small rodents through the surfaces that are coated with it. He mentioned this also happens to be an insulating product that those at iFoam Insulation are very good at applying. Something that those at iFoam insulation are always willing to discuss with a prospective customer.

In addition to providing roof insulation services to those in Omaha and the surrounding areas, iFoam Insulation also offers blown-in insulation, residential attic retrofits, insulation installation for new residential construction, insulation removal, and air sealing services. The company’s cutting-edge energy & performance solutions and innovative home health & comfort assessments have been making home and business environments much more pleasant places for people to be throughout the year. That includes providing comfort solutions that work even in the dog days of summer or the coldest winter months.

For more on iFoam Insulation’s specialty insulation or other services, those that are interested can contact them by phone or refer to the company website. On that website, there is also a form that a home or business owner can fill out to schedule a free consultation with one of iFoam Insulation’s experienced staff members.


For more information about iFoam Insulation, contact the company here:

iFoam Insulation
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